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Rice is a staple food in indian homes and one cannot stress its importance and health benefits enough.

A good quality rice is very important… afterall thats what you are consuming everyday.




So m glad @popularessentials gave me a chance to keep my daily home groceries,i choose the much loved biryani basmati rice along with other essentials.

I was pleasantly surprised to see so many varieties of rice of all kinds and forms available at amazon pantry by @popularessentials.

I loved the biryani basmati rice from popular essentials … knowing the love for biryani in my home … we tried our hands on them twice and making biryani from these long grained rice was a delightful experience.



🍚Packed very neatly

🍚 Comes handy in a resusable cloth bag.

🍚Grains don’t break while cooking.

🍚Grains do not stick to each other

🍚The grains are long and fluffy to make perfect biryani

🍚Lovely distinctive aroma.

🍚Available in many variants of 1,5,10 kgs.


I called for the 5 kg variant for 516/-


πŸ™What else do you need for a feast …

Gets your pick and favourite rice from popular essentials and you’ll surely love this cost effective grocery shopping experience from amzondotin.

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