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W&D, with the support of its strong research team, develops products which can help improving the quality of life of people.


Like me if you also trust nature to solve most of your hair and skin related issues and health problems… Try this range of products from Nature sure from wetndry group.


They were kind enough to send me almost all their products from nature sure for testing.

The list of products which I received fromNature sure :

✔️Anti acne and anti aging cream

✔️Hair growth oil

✔️Olive oil

✔️Castor oil

✔️Kalonji oil

✔️Jonk oil

?Anti acne cream:

Nature Sure Acne Cream is an ayurvedic and natural beauty treatment to remove acne, pimples, acne scars.

? Reduces fine lines and dark spots

?Delays skin aging and covers pigmentation.

?Helps in acne reduction and acne scars reduction

?Gives a radiant glowing skin.

?Suitable for all skin types.



??Hair growth oil:

Apply this oil on your scalp and hair for 15 mins before sleeping with your fingertips.

Leave it for the night and wash it next day with lukewarm water.

The goodness of sesame oil, bhringraj , trifla , henna , mulethi stimulates hair follicle and restores the health of hair and scalp.

It also makes the hair look visibly thicker and shinier.

Price: 339/-


☘️Rogan Jaitun olive oil:

Olive oil is enriched with anti-ageing antioxidants which makes it a perfect remedy for skin , hair and nails.

It restores aging skin and also prevents premature aging.

Massage your skin regularly with olive oil and you’ll notice softer and smoother skin.


?Castor oil:

This one is an elixir for beautiful hair as well as glowing skin.

It totally helps in restoring Skin’s natural moisture balance and also helps in boosting the production of collagen.

It has great healing properties for dry skin.

Regular massage of nature sure castor oil in the scalp helps in increasing blood circulation and improves hair growth tremendously.


Price: 257/-


?Pure kalonji oil:(100% Kalonji oil/ black seed oil)

Kalonji oil is used as a potent herb for its healing properties.

It is also used as a home remedy for many health problems blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight,asthma , joint pain and skin related issues.




?Jonk tail:

Nature sure Jonk oil (Leech oil) is highly effective in hair regrowth and prevents hair related diseases and it also has curative properties for baldness.

Other than that it also provides nourishment to the hair and scalpe.



You can purchase it from

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