If the daily hustle bustle and tight schedule does not allow you to savour home cooked style meal then MOM is the solution for you.

@mealofthemoment is an instant food retail brand that recreates the magic of maa ke haath ka khana in no time….

This is the food on the go for that 5pm hunger.

All you have to do is add some boiling water in the bowl and your meal is ready is less than 8 mins or less than 4 min if you use a microwave.

So easy to make and so pocket friendly too…

One meal will barely cost you 50/-

Now enjoy the taste of hoke cooked meals with zero added preservatives and 100% goodness.

I really loved the taste of spicy poha and yummy kesari halwa out of all 4 boxes.

Try this one and replace it with your greasy canteen food or junk in between meals.

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