Moha beauty

The moha range of personal care products lives up to standards of quality and efficacy, at a price that’s truly surprising. moha: is a way of ensuring that you always look your best, naturally!


I received a few products from them a couple of weeks ago:

🌿Herbal face wash

🌺5 in 1 hair oil

🌿Herbal hair serum

🌺Foot care cream. .

Ill begin with my Moha herbal face wash:

Cleanses, moisturizes and prevents pimples and blackheads

Pack size of 100 ml -130/- •Prevents pimples and blackheads

•Protects and nourishes complexion

•Keeps skin soft and supple

•Makes your face glow with healthy

•Cleanses without drying

•Mild fragrance.

5 in 1 hair oil:

•Loved the natural ingredients used like coconut, almond , jojoba,rusmari and argan.

🍂Deals with 5 major problems:

🌱Prevents premature greying

🌱Controls hair fall

🌱Stimulates hair growth

🌱Reduces split ends

🌱Fights dandruff.


100ml for 185/-


Foot care cream:

Honestly I haven’t tried this one but mama dearest have been using this cream and she loves it.

Papaya , Aloe and peppermint gives you crack free and smooth feet .


100gm tube for 163/-


Check out their budget friendly and effective products @mohabeauty .






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