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Richfeel Ice cube Laser

We all secretly desire to get beautiful looking flawless and hair free skin.
You do not need to belong to glamour industry to aspire that right?
Its somethings we all look forward to ….
Honestly waxing is a painful process which eventually we get used to because we have no option or that matter even most lasers are painful too.

I have a super sensitive skin and it can even barely bear the pains of waxing so i never gave laser a thought also…
But thanks to Richfeel its not the same anymore.

A huge applaud to Richfeel for introducing Europe’s Premier Technology called Rf Ice Cube 2.0 Laser Hair Reduction with Cool brush Technology.
I am glad i got a chance to try this advanced and modern laser for getting my facial hair reduction.


Although i was a little apprehensive at first but my sessions went like a cakewalk and it only gave my skin more cooling sensations and made me more confident about myself.



?First an expert Doctor shall be checking your hair growth .

The skin is cleansed with a cleanser

?The hair on the part of the body where laser has to be done is shaved with a razor.

A cool gel is applied to nourish the skin and this gel also makes the gliding of the laser machine easy and smooth.

The laser is glided on that particular body part 3 times vertically and 3 times Horizontally so as to not leave any area uncovered.

?After the laser is completed they apply a suncreen with spf 30 for protection from uv rays.

richfeel laser

That’s about it … my single session does not take more than 30/45 mins considering the fact that its only my face laser i got done….

This new age laser machine is totally superior to any other laser treatments available in India by many notches .
Operating at a higher motion speed, with its cool brush technology that uses water cold sapphire- hair removal is now so easy, painless and totally comfortable.


Icecube offers not just lesser hours per session but also ensures lesser sessions per year.
Richfeel has introduced this great innovation at a very affordable price of just 53000/- * for full body laser with unlimited sessions.
You know where to head for gorgeous looking skin ….
Because every woman deserves to look beautiful!



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