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Greentea for health and skin

We all know health is wealth… I shall give my ten cents here by emphasizing on how to maintain your health and overall wellness in some really easy steps.

This issue of #antiaging is something, most women shy away from and hesitate to talk about openly , especially in their 20’s.

But the fact remains we all are aging and even if you are in your late 20’s like me, there is no way you should overlook the early signs of ageing .

This Article is all about Green Tea and how it can prove to be beneficial not only for health and anti ageing but also does wonders for your skin and helps in fighting the signs of ageing.

You will also find two interesting DIY for skin at the end of this blog .. so let’s get started 🙂

How Does the Green Tea Work?
Green tea helps to promote weight loss in several ways:

#Boosts the metabolism. Research done at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, shows that green tea speeds up the average person’s metabolism thus increasing the number of calories they burn. This is believed to be due to the catechins, potent antioxidants, found in the tea leaves.

#Green tea Helps to burn fat stores within the body. To be converted to energy, fat within the body needs to be broken down in the cells, and then moved through the bloodstream.

Those who are thinking about using Green Tea to achieve their weight loss goals will need to keep a few things in mind. These include:
• To maximize the effects of the green tea on weight loss, one needs to consume 3-5 full glasses per day.

• Preferably, tea should be brewed with the leaves instead of a tea bag. This will allow making more of the essence to be extracted so that it retains its nutrients and use tea with no artificial preservatives.
• Water should be poured directly over the tea, right before it boils and the tea brewed for 3-4 minutes.

Now let’s talk about how green tea can do wonders for your skin:

Green tea can be really beneficial when it comes to promoting a beautiful skin. It has the ability to stop tyrosinase, which in effect reduces melanin production because of its impressive amounts of vitamin C, which also prevents the accumulation of melanin in certain areas.


To use green tea on the face, you can simply apply wet and cooled tea bags to the problem areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. This is particularly useful for dark under eye pigmentation.

Or you could also make a green tea mask by mixing the tea leaves with raw honey and lime and apply this mask for 10/15 mins twice a week.This will work wonders for skin elasticity.

You can even refrigerate green tea bags and then keep them on your eyelid for 10/15 mins for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Green tea
Green tea for Skin


I hope you found this Blog beneficial and stay tuned for another wonder Ingredient which we will talk about in the next blog.

Till then take care of your health and keep smiling. 🙂


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  1. There are so many reasons for green tea. It helps in that it helps in that. But for me this is just a routine. And routine gives you decipline.
    Thanku for sharing such beautiful details about green tea.

  2. Honestly, I am addicted to green tea! I cannot do without it even for a day! And it has really helped my health and digestion a lot

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