Do your bit by serving Mankind.

Living in a Fast Metropolitan city, waking up every day to new challenges and competition and the race to follow your dreams where are you are left with no time to pursue other activities.
I do feel bad that in my pursuit of earning a living and improving my standard of living , I sometimes tend to overlook my social responsibilities and can barely manage to remove any time for underprivileged section of the society.

A couple of days ago when I was surfing online for some NGO’s , I happen to come across Shishu Sarothi organisation.
Shishu Sarothi organisation began its journey in 1987 with special trained educator and some volunteers for disabled children .


Isn’t Service to mankind is service to God?

This organisation strongly aims for having equal opportunities and empowering children and people with disabilities to live their life with dignity like everyone else.
Now ,Shishu Sarothi is one of the leading non-profit organisation which takes care of rehabilitation ,education and protection of rights for children and disabled person in Northeast India.

Currently they offer a lot of services for underprivileged children and they have centres for Vocational education , Early Intervention Unit , Human resource development division, Counselling unit scholarship programmes and so on.

Disabled children

On their webpage, I came across many success stories and achievements but the Disability employment initiative (DEI) truly caught my attention.
The DEI team successfully managed to receive loan from National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation for treatment of 21 people with disabilities.

Also 4 people with orthopaedic disability were appointed in the administration department in Baksa district of Assam.
The DEI unit has been very successful in facilitating employment opportunities in both public and private sector to people with disabilities.

The Early Intervention Unit (EIU) also offers great valuable services like detection, screening and management of high risk babies and infants. In this way this children are assessed for delays in developmental aspects such as motor, language, self-help and other social skills. They prepare home basedprograms ,explain the same to parents and they also do follow ups on regular basis.


The need for counselling for both child and parents in such cases cannot be ignored.
The Counselling Unit (CSU) promotes awareness about the disability through School programs and also provide counselling to parents in individual or group sessions and even conduct workshops for stress management for parents.

Shishu Sarothi welcomes everyone who would love to volunteer and are willing to devote their time and services in their work by carrying out daily activities, supporting campaigns, organising events and celebrity occasions.
The aim of this organisation is to meet the needs efficiently and make a difference in the lives of many disabled children .


I am so glad I came Across this organisation.. it is a complete honour for me to do my bit for this organisation by giving some donations for these special children.

Here is the link, (Click here) if you would also like to donate for the underprivileged children and do your bit for the society please click on the link and fulfil your responsibility as a responsible citizen.

16 thoughts on “Do your bit by serving Mankind.”

  1. It so nice to hear about an organization like Shishu Sarothi that has been around for more than 3 decades now. The surely is a wonderful place for children who are special. Hopefully they can continue to serve these children.

  2. What an amazing initiative, what Shishu Sarothi is doing is noble for the mankind. I wish every individual associated with it a very good luck…

  3. That’s such a great initiative! The DEI is something amazing! Service to mankind is what is actually needed in the world!

  4. This seems a wonderful organization working towards making special kids independent . Its the need of the hour for all of us to invest in such organizations.

  5. Great initiative. Hats of to Shishu Sarothi for his thoughtfulness and noble deeds. Will definitely check out their site.
    #Superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

  6. I’m happy such organizations are still working in our country and there are helpful minds around. Articles like these are to be shared.

  7. A great initiative! Thanks for sharing about them. Definitely need a more progressive and inclusive society. hats off to this group of people for taking the initiative and seeing it through!

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