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Until few years ago I could easily say that the western countries are so well caffeinated but with the increasing coffee trends it is surprising to see a Starbucks or a Cafe Coffee Day at every lane and corner even in the smallest cities in India.

For centuries Indians have preferred chai over a cup of coffee …

But according to various reports now this definitely seems to be changing  and we are gradually shifting more towards the coffee culture ,especially the masses.

So let’s get into some Coffee Trends Predictions for 2018.


Young crowd definitely loves hanging out and spending more time outside their homes at the coffee houses for get-togthers, dates , meeting friends, holding work meetings and sipping local roasts and grabbing a quick bite alongside.

As per the need of the hour, Coffee varieties are growing by the day and now the Cafes serve anything from instant cappuccino, to latte and espresso. They are well advertised well , and so the urban population didn’t blink twice to embrace it.

The coffee production has increasingly flourished in some Indian states like Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka. Coffee is the third most consumed beverage around the world after water and tea.

However people in North India prefer instant coffee compare to people in South who prefer the  filter coffee.

Slowly but steadily coffee is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury and there is a steep increase in the quality of the coffee and the different specialities and variations are easily available now on our soil too.


In short, coffee is just not for Refreshment breaks any more .

The masses have now moved over to iced coffees as they prefer cooler beverages specially in summers.

I am personally a huge fan of cold coffee and I love to try different variations in them according to my mood and weather.

•I don’t know if many of you are aware of this new coffee trend which is called the Nitro coffee.It is infused with nitrogen gas which gives t a frothy texture and a creamy taste.

You will mostly find them in cans and they are ready to have on the go.

•You also have the cold brew coffee which is different than the regular cold coffee it is prepared by steeping coarsely grounded coffee in cold water .

It is most acidic due to its steeping process it can also be diluted for a more subtle flavour depending on ones tastebuds.

•There is always a good side and the bad side to everything so as there may be some disadvantages of coffee which definitely persuades the coffee haters to avoid it …on the contrary I would like to list some good reasons to consume coffee…


*Coffee can protect against the cirrhosis of liver if you could just cut down on the alcohol intake.

*It also reduces the risk of type two diabetes consumed 4 to 6 cups a day.

*It also reduces depression and suicide risk.

*Coffee drinkers also have a less risk of heart diseases.

*Coffee also reduces cancer risk and coffee drinkers have a stronger DNA as the white blood cells of coffee consumers have less instance of spontaneous DNA strand breakage.

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  1. Whoooah ! Those are some cool coffee facts – Nitro Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee were revelations for me and I am sure when you say 4-5 cups of coffee a day keeps Diabetes away then you mean, the unsweetened and non milk coffee only .

  2. As an ardent Black coffee shot lover, I definitely look forward to reading the coffee trends in the country. Thank you for posting.


  3. I love coffee in any form and that is true today young people are always looking for cafes to spent time. I have never tried nitro coffee sound good

  4. Oh … great insight on coffee but I am so bad that doesn’t like tea or coffee … but yeah you have really pointed out great points

  5. I am a coffee lover love coffee in any way nitro coffee is new to me . And that is true India too is becoming more about cafes and good coffee

  6. Coffee Trends! After I read your post, I thought oh why did I not think about it earlier. It would have made for an amazing read. And thats exactly what your post id for coffee lovers like me. Love it!

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