About Me!

Hi Friends,
Hope you all are doing good.
Like most women i have also been highly fascinated by food , fashion, travel and all that jazz.
Trying new food, desserts recipes , undertaking makeup and grooming courses along with my academics at an early age was always my passion and thats exactly what has intrigued me to start this blogging page and share my views and review with my social media family 🙂
I will be posting about food, crazy dessert freak that i am … you can expect a lot of it on my page and some easy recipes for the beginners, lots about hair and skin care and obviously makeup products that i will be reviewing and i will also share with you history of some beautiful world locations 🙂
Most importantly I would also like to use this platform to help creative new entrepreneurs build their dream business by reviewing their products and motivating them build their niche in the market.

So lets begin this journey…🌸