All about Palm oil and it’s uses

All about Palm Oil and it’s uses.

Talking about one magical ingredient which helps in preventing vitamin a deficiency, ageing, brain diseases, cancer… it is Palm oil which is the fruit of the oil palm tree.

What is palm oil?

This edible vegetable oil which is derived from the reddish pulp of the fruit of the oil farms primarily From African oil palm or American oil palms.

Palm oil contains unsaturated and saturated fat and also some types of power mode also constitute of beta-carotene and vitamin E.

These type of palm oil actually even have antioxidant effects.


 Uses and benefits

Palm oil is also used for increasing body’s metabolic rate thereby helping in reducing weight.

Some of the other health benefits of palm oil is it helps in treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even malaria.

 Yes you heard it right research also suggests that palm oil consumption in the diet regularly can definitely help to decrease the symptoms of malaria for young children.

 British traders have high demand of palm oil as it is used as an industrial lubricant for machinery during the Britain’s industrial revolution.

Constituting the primary export of West African countries palm oil is also the basis of many so products of all the well-known international brands.


When it comes to consumption purposes palm oil is used for frying and is also an important ingredient in many processed foods including the best selling chocolates.

 One of the most common known fact is also that this oil is quite an essential ingredient when it comes to cooking in the tropical belt of Africa , south-east Asia and some parts of Brazil.

 Also palm oil is blended into mayonnaise and vegetable oil which we all generally use.


Palm oil : A boon for  skin:

When we usually choose our skin oils we see to it that it is all-natural, skin-healthy products and not those over the counter over-processed, toxin-filled products.

 Red palm oil is a boon when it comes to skincare as  it contains the tocopherol form of vitamin E, along with another, rarer form of vitamin E known as tocotrienols.

It too protects your skin from the sun (along with the squalene and flavonoids found in the oil) and can reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

 Land efficiency:

Compared to the other sustainable vegetable oil in terms of yield palm oil requires only one ninth of land use by other vegetable oil crops.

 Food security:

The production of palm oil has been a source of employment opportunities for many and has also shown to considerably improve infrastructure and social service thereby reducing poverty.

 The UN Food and agriculture organisation hybrid oil palm project in western Kenya has been a boon as it has improved the income and diets of local population.



Is the success of palm oil a threat to it too?

As they say fame and success comes with a price tag.

Same is the story of palm oil.

 There has been increasing demand of former oil over a period of time and also according to a research of 2009 which was published in ‘environmental science and policy journal’ Palm oil biodiesel might also increase the demand for palm oil in future.

So there has been an expansion of palm oil production resulting in increased supply of food.

Due to its constant demand that have been a lot of opposition by environmental groups but many studies have proved that ‘I am Palm oil’ is here to stay due to its higher productivity compared to its counterparts vegetable oils.

 However considering it’s endless health benefits and the fact that it is the food staple in many cuisines and also used so frequently in cooking and frying The studies do suggest that the consumption and demand of palm oil is only going to increase by the passing time.

We all as consumers have individual responsibilities and we need to raise opinions and pressurise the use of safe ingredients by joining movements like
palm done right .

Let’s All be a part of this revolution for a positive change and a better tomorrow.

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