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Best detox waters for summers

If you are struggling to lose weight this is the perfect article for you as we have listed the best detox waters for summers, so continue reading.

According to most research summers are the ideal time to shed those extra pounds. The reason is quite obvious because in summers we generally tend to eat less now and obviously we sweat more.

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Also it is essential that a body gets much needed and essential nutrients and keeping yourself hydrated is also equally important.

Why is it important to keep yourself hydrated in summers?

We lose a lot of electrolytes due to excessive sweating in summers this is one of the major reason that we need to keep sipping regularly on water,lemon juice, coconut water or detox water.

Detox waters would definitely be a great addition in your summer diet .

Also it further accelerates the process of weight loss and cutting the excess body fat.

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Also rather than consuming plain water as it can really get boring after a point of time the detox water adds a lot of flavours and also helps detoxify your body.


So sharing below a couple if easy peasy detox water recipes which can be made in a couple of minutes using the ingredients for me a pantry or your refrigerator.

1.Lemon lemonade:

This is the most extensively used and, detox water. Lemon is extensively used in summers because it acts as a great cooler and also helps in rejuvenating your skin

In a jar of water add lot of mint leaves, sliced cucumbers and squeeze entire lemon.

Mint leaves helps cool your body naturally this powerful combination of mint and lemon and cucumber helps in maintaining your digestive health.


It helps in curbing your appetite also it is full of satiating fibre .

Cucumber is a rich source of Vitamin B, magnesium and potassium making it the most common and best detox waters.


2.Apple and cinnamon water:

This is again a very effective bad bowling combination which you can use for your benefit the summers and check it out for yourself.

You can also add some apple cider vinegar to boost your fat burning process.


Cinnamon being a natural metabolic booster and Apple helps in keeping you full for longer hours accelerates weight loss.

3.Orange and mint water:

In a cup take to slice of peeled orange and 4/5 mint leaves.

Fill the cup with water and let it refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours.


The longer the fruit settles in the water the richer the flavour also you can refill the water and reuse the same oranges and mint.

This sums up for a very delicious and flavour some detox cleansing water and it can be easily replaced with the water we consume through out the day.

4.Strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint water:

This combination is an absolutely great foundation for basic detox water and the flavour is just delicious.

Adding a citrus fruit does wonderful thing to your body as it has a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C but every citrus fruit contains.


Try this delicious and flavour some kick ass concoction.

5.Kiwi and fennel detox water:

To make this detox water you need 2 kiwis, a teaspoon of fennel seeds and a handful of mint leaves.

Simply peel the Kiwis and make thin slices.

Toss them in the messenger then add fennel seeds and roughly chopped mint leaves on it.


This refreshing cleanser is ready to be sipped through out the day.

We all know that kiwi is a great source of Vitamin c and it also helps to protect the DNA.

Whereas the sweetness of fennel seeds adds to the flavour of the drink and alongside helps get rid of harmful free oxygen radicals.

We can brush off the glow from our face if you do not emphasise on detoxication.

Too much pollution , eating out or stress at work even habits like alcohol consumption , smoking or not getting adequate sleep can contribute to weight gain and and unhealthy skin.

So in order to write a fine balance between losing weight and maintaining the glow of your skin and health of your skin it is important to detoxify your body and what better time than summers to shed those extra pounds why sipping on this flavour some water.

Healthy snacking:

If you feel consistently hungry it would be sensible to keep a lot of fruits and veggies around you .

Also, apples and bananas make for a great snacking option.

Baked sweet potatoes also make for a very healthy snacking option which is good for your health and your skin too.

To do try out these super easy best detox water recipes and share your comments and experiences below.

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  1. These are some real good drinks to detox the body and keep it hydrated..would definetly try them out this summers

  2. Orange and mint one seems a great combo for detox water , thanks for sharing, will try .

  3. I make cucumber , mint and lemon infused detox water in summers and I love it. Need to try others as well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Summer is ideal for shedding weight. The detox waters you have suggested are all great ways towards a healthy diet and reducing body fat. On top of that, they are also all cool and refreshing in the summers.

  5. Love these recipes!! thanks for highlighting the importance of it ! I use mint very regularly coz of the refreshing taste and benefits

  6. I’ve never tried the apple and cinnamon detox water. The combination and Healthy benefits definitely make it worth trying.

  7. Detox water is must in this summer season. I usually drunk lemon water but I am gonna try few of your suggestions

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