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5 Types of Makeup That Every Indian Bride Must Know!

5 Types of bridal makeup

Bridal makeup plays a big role in giving the bride, look of her dreams. Other women of the family also remain equally excited about looking their best during the wedding, they want to look good in photographs of the wedding as well .

While some brides prefer heavy Indian bridal makeup, some prefer to keep it simple, says a leading wedding planner based in Udaipur. If you’re looking for ideas for bridal makeup for a wedding, read on and find inspiration in the popular types of makeup styles.


1. HD makeup – High definition makeup makes your skin look more natural while removing any imperfections. Therefore, it is more suitable for skin with imperfections or uneven skin. If you choose this type of makeup you can be sure that you will get good photographs from any angle.

2. Subtle makeup – If you don’t want heavy and bold makeup, you can choose subtle makeup with smokey eyes for your special day.


3. Punjabi bridal makeup – Punjabi brides have a unique style as they use vibrant colours like hot pink and mustard yellow. Punjabi bridal makeup usually consists of pink lips and long lashes.

4. Airbrush makeup – Makeup is done by spraying material on skin while using airbrush makeup technique. This technique helps in filling the pores and giving a natural look. This type of makeup is waterproof.

5. Mineral makeup – This type of makeup uses minerals like zinc oxide and iron oxide. It does not use any preservatives or dyes, so it is good for sensitive skin.


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