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Social media detox

Isn’t it time for social media detox?

It won’t be wrong to say that we all are living in an era dominated by social media.

We are exposed to a lot of information which we don’t need to constantly eyeing on how wonderful the lives of others look and how we lack those blessings in our lives.


Such kind of unnecessary comparisons creates a lot of pressure and can take a serious toll on one’s physical as well as mental health. Continue reading “Social media detox”

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Get rid of toxic habits

How to get rid of toxic habits.

As human beings, it is a normal tendency to form habits.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly, going to bed on time all of these are good habits to live with.

We also tend to form certain toxic habits which we don’t even realise sometimes.

Such toxic habits can turn into addiction or a serious condition that needs immediate attention.

Habits don’t develop overnight.

Over a period of time to become a part of our lives and change into character.

But it is very necessary to recognise and get rid of these toxic habits before they start hampering our progress.


Below are a few steps which can be followed to recognise and get rid of toxic habits.

1.Pen down your thoughts:

The first step crucial in eliminating toxins habits is to recognise them in the first place.

Only once you identify that you are on the wrong track can you make necessary amendments.

One easy step to identify toxic habit is to write down your thoughts.

Just how people take the before and after images for the weight loss process.

You can maintain a journal and Keep a note of all your thoughts, plans, successes and failures.

This journal will help you redirect your thoughts and focus on positive things.

2.Finding out the triggers:

Once you identify your toxic happened the next up is to find out what actually triggers them.

You need to contemplate and think about it peacefully to analyse the habits and the situations that are causing those actions.

If you’re addicted to coffee for example you need to know which thoughts are using in your head before you order or make that coffee.

Is it stress, is it tiredness or anger that wants you to grab a cup of coffee all the time.

You Need to control your mind and even physically remove yourself from such situations which triggers your bad habits or addictions.


3.Making amendments:

All you need to do is begin with making some small changes and replace it with something positive.

If someone is addicted to smoking I can replace this habit with exercising like cycling of skipping to begin with.

Distracting your mind from your addictions will help you slowly gain control over your mind without forcing yourself to leave it all at once.

4.Reward-oriented goals:

This steps requires imagination of how your life will actually look like what positive impact it will have once you leave your toxic habits behind.

This is definitely going to be a motivational factor and will encourage you to stick to your plan.

5. Positive company:

One should not hesitate to take help from friends and family if needed to achieve their goals.

Also surrounding yourself with positive and successful people will make it easy for you to have a life positive habits.

What is it of which is also true so beware of people with negative and toxic habits and keep Safe distance from such company.

Sometimes you become very used to our regular habits and we find it impossible to break the chain.

However, this is not the truth.

Check out my blog where I have mentioned several easy peasy ways to pamper yourself.

A very famous quote which also happens to be one of my favourite:

“If you always do what you have always done you will always get the results what you have always got.”

As human beings we keep attracting same experiences and we are not able to move on until we change the way we start thinking about it.

So create your own journey.

Do not judge a compete with other people and let go of the past.

Say yes to new chances and be open for new changes.


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Best ways to boost your metabolism

5 Best ways to boost your metabolism

Your metabolic rate definitely decreases as your age progresses.

That is why gaining weight at a rapid rate is the most common complaint once the clock hits 30.

You will be adviced to do everything from ingesting an herb to drinking a metabolism boosting tea.

Having a high metabolism makes you feel better and energetic.

Weight loss

For all those who are genuinely curious and would like to know how to keep the metabolism active I would like to share few scientifically proven methods to keep your body grooving.

1. Standing tall:

Yes,simply standing !!!

Did you expect the first point to be as simple as this?

Just by replacing sitting with standing at work or at home we can burn a lot of extra calories as much as 175 cal per day.

By remaining standing we are actually forcing a body to work a little bit harder which helps in overall boosting your metabolic rate.

2. Intake of liquids like water and green tea:

A lot of beneficial days like green tea and oolong tea have been proven to increase your metabolic rate by 4 to 5%.

I would advise you to buy a large pitcher wherein you can make 4 to 5 cups of green tea which suffices you for the entire day.

Also detox bottles will make your work simple when it comes to intake of more water.

Drinking all of water has money health benefits and positive impact on metabolic rate overall.

Also , drinking more water will help you reduce the intake of sodas, sugary drinks, tea, coffee and juices.

Not to forget, water makes you more full and we will feel less hungry and eventually eat smaller meal portions.

3. Protein packed meals:

Eating protein rich meals makes you feel fuller and also prevents you from overeating. So eating more protein is directly related to high Metabolism.

It is a win-win situation because it helps you eat less.

4. Heavy workouts:

One of the best ways to increase your metabolic rate is high intensity interval training workouts which provides very intense bursts of activity.

It Has proven to successfully burn a lot of fat and boost your metabolic rate.

Also, lifting weights help you retain muscles.

You can look up for weight lifting exercises online to incorporate it into your workout.

5. Nothing like 8 hours of sleep:

When we get less sleep, our body tends to sustain increased blood sugar level insulin resistance and makes us feel more hungry.

That is one of the reasons we usually crave junk food late evening.

So lack of sleep is one of the main factors of tonic health conditions and could lead to obesity and diabetes too.

An easy way to avoid it is to brush your teeth after having an early dinner so that you are not tempted to have anything else after that.

It is not difficult but just minor lifestyle changes to be incorporated in your routine which will help you increase metabolism.

To keep of extra weight and to lose excess weight, good metabolism is a must.

It also makes you feel more energetic and productive.

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Relaxing after a stressful day

Ways for relaxing after a stressful day.

Working woman is not a term any more.

All of us work and it is hard for some of us to leave the work at the office.

We are constantly dealing with 60 thoughts per minute ranging all from family, work to personal issues.

Of course there is no success without hard work and commitment. But this motto can be very little space and room to breathe.

I can’t stress enough the importance of unwinding yourself in between all the work and chaos as no work is worth losing yourself.

So scroll down as I share few easy ways to unwind and relaxing after a stressful day.

?? Change your clothes and thoughts:

As soon as you get home just get into your pajamas your safety blanket and try to feel relax and as comfortable as possible as this is the core for relaxing after a stressful day.

You’re close automatically have an impact on your brains and that’s why it is important to shed away your office clothes to feel that liberation and of course comfort.

This is the easiest way to release your inner carefree spirit.


?? What happens in office stays in office:

It is extremely important to strike a fine balance between personal life and work life.

Therefore it is essential to leave the office work in the office.

Your home is your relaxing place to unwind after a stressful day.

In short what we need to do is allow ourselves to be more than just your job title.

Once you are at home avoid attending all the work calls and checking emails constantly.

Also, if possible try to invest in a different work phone to make this task easier. Continue reading “Relaxing after a stressful day”

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Gain healthy weight

Gain healthy weight in a healthy way

Definitely it is the appearance that makes the first impression, be it in your workplace or your friends.

Much has been said about people who want to lose weight but very little do we talk about those people who are struggling to gain weight and also their lost self-confidence.


Just like it is in the culture of mocking people who are slightly heavier with names like fatty you are also mocked by your friends and family if you are slightly lighter of the lot.

We all know about those who eat a lot of junk and sugary food and yet struggle to gain weight.

I’m sure you must have read hundreds of blogs about how to lose weight but if you’re looking for measures that will help you gain some healthy weight and this is the right place for you.

Tips and tricks to gain healthy weight:


Say no to restrictive diets:

Firstly avoid any kind of restrictive diets are devices of those people who tell you to eat a lot of butter sugar and fat. Continue reading “Gain healthy weight”