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Youthful glowing skin

We all make that extra effort to retain Skin’s youthful radiance especially after your 30s.

NEUD Carrot Seed Repair Cream is one such a Premium cosmetic with powerful antioxidant of carrot seed extract.

It has the ability to prevent collagen breakdown enabling skins ability to renew itself.

This powerful ingredient is also a boon to promote new skin cells generation and helps in reducing wrinkles and scar marks.


Carrot seeds contains carotenes, carotenoids & vitamin A helps in giving Skin a younger looking look and making it more even and smooth.


NEUD Carrot Seed Repair Cream Is naturally pH balanced And also is effective in easing of skin inflammation and skin issues like dermatitis.

The best part is it is free from harmful chemicals and suitable for all skin types in both men and women.


Wash your face with a good face cleanser and then massage NEUD Carrot Seed Repair Cream On your skin in the morning or at night it is fully absorbed.

Massage gently with upward strokes for best results.

All NEUD Premium Carrot Seed personal care products are free from SLS, parabens, SLES, DES and artificial fragrance.


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