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Gain healthy weight

Gain healthy weight in a healthy way

Definitely it is the appearance that makes the first impression, be it in your workplace or your friends.

Much has been said about people who want to lose weight but very little do we talk about those people who are struggling to gain weight and also their lost self-confidence.


Just like it is in the culture of mocking people who are slightly heavier with names like fatty you are also mocked by your friends and family if you are slightly lighter of the lot.

We all know about those who eat a lot of junk and sugary food and yet struggle to gain weight.

I’m sure you must have read hundreds of blogs about how to lose weight but if you’re looking for measures that will help you gain some healthy weight and this is the right place for you.

Tips and tricks to gain healthy weight:


Say no to restrictive diets:

Firstly avoid any kind of restrictive diets are devices of those people who tell you to eat a lot of butter sugar and fat.

To gain healthy weight one must increase the consumption of nutrients and calories which phone like avocados, eggs, potatoes, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Hit the gym:

There are many exercises for weight loss and just as many exercises for gaining weight too.

What we fail to understand is that gaining weight required is lean muscles in the body which stores healthy fats and then we hit the gym we concentrate on gaining muscles.

The training exercises under the supervision of a trainer is an absolute must.

Check the metabolism:

Your metabolic them is very high impact of others need to visit a doctor to find out if anything is wrong with your stomach and also try to every 3 to 4 hours as fast metabolism also means increase in digestion rate.

Digestion in it self consumes a lot of energy that needs to be replenished.

Weight Gainer like Endura Mass:

You need to make sure that you consult a nutritionist to get the best tips and healthy diets also you can start a good weight gainer supplement like Endura Mass under the supervision of your nutritionist.

‘Endura’ as we all know has a very comprehensive range of health supplements at par with international standards.

Endura also endeavours to produce affordable and distinctive health supplements and quality mass gainer products to meet the changing customer needs and demands of dynamic market with innovative products and effective services.

It has succeeded in now turning into one of the leading health supplements manufacturer in India.

Having a glass of Endura mass (1-3 scoops) mixed and whole milk along with two bananas 2 to 3 times a day between meals is a great way to gain healthy weight .

Benefits of Endura Mass Weight gainer:

Endura mass is a easy way to not only gain but also maintain weight.

It is the balance formulation of high quality soy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

It gives vital nutrients and energy that helps in gaining optimum weight.

Weight gainer

It is hundred percent vegetarian and hence can be taken without any hesitation.

Following the right lifestyle and diet with the supplements:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must for any supplements to work on your body on a regular basis.

So one cannot skip exercise even if it is just this smoking or 20 minutes of cycling or swimming.

So gain weight and your confidence and stay fit to achieve your dreams!


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  1. Self confidence is everything. This is such a well written blog post. Gaining the right amount of weight can be a task. I’ll definitely check out Endura Mass

  2. Gaining weight is very important coz being too skinny is also not good… Endura mass is great way to weight gain. I have seen my friend using it and having positive results

  3. I think this is only meant for adults and not for children. I am really struggling with my son’s low Body Mass Index at the moment. He is very slim for his age.

  4. These are some really helpful and effective tips to gain weight in a healthy way.

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