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Get the best skin of your dreams

What if I tell you the key to getting the skin of your dreams lies right in your pantry!!

Yes ,you got that right!

We all have had a grand moms and even our mothers for that matter who have been suggesting us various food products for skin care for centuries now.

Super foods

It may be potatoes and cucumber masks or brown sugar scrubs and so much more.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if you just step another step further and include some super foods in our diet for beautiful glowing skin?

Most importantly, we all know that what we eat significantly affects our health and also the rate at which a skin ages.

Let me share with you a small list of some food which you can include in your diet for a brilliant effect on your skin.

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are a great source of beta carotene.

It has antioxidants which will help prevent sunburn and cell death causing dry and wrinkles skin.

Sweet potato

It will also interest you to know that high amounts of beta carotene also adds to a warm orange coloured your skin which contribute to overall healthy appearance of the skin.


This is everyone’s favourite it comes with a lot of benefits for skincare as it is very hydrating and contains vitamin C which also helps water retention.


The high antioxidant levels in cucumbers help fade of wrinkles and gives a subtle youthful glow to your skin.


Walnut is definitely an excellent choice for healthy skin being a good source of essential fatty acid’s which the body is incapable of making by itself.


It is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Always also provide a small amounts of antioxidants vitamins C vitamin A and addition 4/5 g of protein per 28 g.


Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin c and all the major carotenoids.


Carotenoids protect your skin from sun damage and eventually prevents wrinkling and early aging.

Dark chocolate

A small amount like maybe a 20 g of high antioxidant dark chocolate allows your skin to withstand uv radiation & the effects of cocoa on skin are pretty phenomenal.

Dark chocolate

Always make sure to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa in order to maximise the benefits of the chocolate and always keep added sugar chocolates to the minimum.

Green tea:

Green tea are known to have powerful antioxidants that protects the skin against sun damage and also reduces redness.

It improves the thickness and elastic city of the skin also reducing the roughness.

Green tea

Green tea has powerful compounds called catechins that helps improve our skin in more than one ways and most importantly it protects the skin from damage and ageing.

So always remember whatever you eat has a great impact on your skin and health.

Also, check out this blog for a perfect summer skincare regime.

It is essential to make a note of nutrients intake to protect your skin from damage and ageing.

Do try the list of food given above which are very healthy for your skin and feel free to drop in the comment section how it worked for you and also any other suggestions that helped you achieve the skin of your dreams.

Until next time…


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  1. The best way to great skin does actually lie through internal nourishment. This is also a natural way of doing it. Your list of superfoods to help here is spot on.

  2. This is such an informative post ! I love that dark chocolate helps in skin health since I love it ! Thanks for this post

  3. That’s so true ! Whatever se eat comes on to your skin and which in turn reflects our inner health. Thanks for sharing this informative article .

  4. I had no idea that chocolate was so good for skin! I have used potatoes and green tea.. will try other ingredients soon! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I do eat some food like cucumber and walnuts. Never know that dark chocolate can also be so good for skincare

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