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Hair related issues

We all go through some or other hair related problems at some point of time.Some of the common hair related issues are hair fall, dandruff and balding.

Therefore we are always on a lookout for an effective therapy or product to deal with these everyday issues.

I came across Jonk oil (leech oil) which is quite effective in hair loss and similar hair related problems.

Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest traditional systems which was generated over 5000 years ago has also addressed Jonk (leech) therapy to be effective in managing hair related problems.

Such leech based hair therapies have also been very famous in ancient Roman and Egyptian civilisations.

The queen of beauty, Cleopatra is also known to have used leech based hair products as her hair care secret.

Nature sure is one of the trusted brands to provide you with good quality and pure ingredients.

Hair issues

Jonk oil from Nature sure has multiple benefits like-

– Prevents hair loss

– Nourishes scalp

– nourishes hair strands

– Encourages faster healing of all hair related issues at the core.

Regularly using this oil will help you prevent hair loss.

It leads to hair regrowth and provides nourishment to the scalp.

It has also been effective in treating alopecia and baldness.

The ingredients and constituents of this jonk oil from Nature sure helps increase the blood circulation in the bald areas.

The main objective is to enhance the delivery of nutrients to make hair follicles strong and promote hair growth.

Hair care

It also has antibacterial properties which helps to combat fungal infections.

It is thereby an effective treatment for fungal infections and dandruff.

Overall, you can give this oil a try to address any of the hair related issues you are dealing with like dandruff, hairfall, baldness or alopecia.


This oil is easily available on their website mentioned below

Also available on flipkart, amazon and nykaa.

I have also mentioned about an effective pores and marks oil in of my recent blogs from the same brand.

Pores and marks oil



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