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Must Have Makeup this Wedding Season

6 Must Have this Wedding Season

6 must haves

 Now this blog has been on my mind for really long. Half of the December has already passed yet much of the wedding season remains.

So better late than never.

I am a kind of girl you can never have enough make up after having 10 foundations 15 blush and countless highlighters and lip shades I still feel I don’t have enough makeup.

Well that’s clearly not the case with most of my friends and cousins.

The prefer to have very minimum and they prefer sticking to just the basic essentials when it comes to make-up.

If you are one of them too, this blog is especially for you , so keep reading!

Fair enough!! If you hate to invest fortunes on makeup which expires in barely 4/5 months.

I don’t think it is too sensible to invest so much in makeup, especially if you are a sunscreen and lip balm kind of a person and don’t use too much makeup in your daily life.

So I have curated this blog listing only 6 essential products that will suffice you this wedding season and will help you Glam up and stand out in the crowd without investing too much money.

So, look gorgeous in a budget.

The brands I recommend below may not be inexpensive but investing in just 6 products won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.

So just invest in these 6 products and you’re good to go anywhere , be it weddings, parties , cocktails or New Year’s eve.

Without much ado let’s start with the list of the products that you need for this party season.

Good base:

Invest in a good base. A shade that will not make you look whiter or darker. But most importantly it should cover your small marks and dark circles and give you an even skin tone.

That’s the core of good makeup so this is one product you should be investing the most in.

Must have – Foundations


My personal favorite base is Huda beauty and Bobbi Brown.

For a drug store foundation L’oreal Infallible does the trick for me.

I will advise you to use a compac or a setting loose powder so that the longevity of the foundation increases and there is no unevenness on your face.

Blush on:

After applying your base the only thing that you require to add some color on your face is blush on . Use right shade of the blush on and you don’t want to look like a clown by adding too much color either so please stick to neutral or peach shades, if you have not experimented much with dark colors in the past. A little bit of blush on your face really adds a lot of color and is totally Capable of changing the entire look.


My personal favorite blush is Maybelline Master chrome flush stick in peach shade and the Lakme Sabyasachi Limited edition blush.

Must have – Blush on


For all those who are new and have not really studied the highlighter game yet, let me tell you the purpose of blush and highlighter is totally different as many may confuse it for the same.While blush helps to add color on your face , highlighter is used to highlight your cheek bones, nose bridge and can be used below your eyebrows edges and above your lips too. Believe me parties and weddings are all about highlighters it is a game changer guys you can’t skip this one invest in a right highlighter and it can be the only product or a night out or dinner date .

Favorite Highlighter

I am totally crushing over the Blushing hearts highlighter in the shade Iced Hearts which is a triple baked blush from Makeup Revolution.

It makes me stand out and I am flooded with compliments whenever I wear that.

Eye pencil:

Lining the inside of the eyes can be super sexy,especially for a night out for wedding party.

You can skip the eye shadow and rather do a thick winged eyeliner using black , royal blue, emerald green or any other deep shade.

Use a waterproof pencil and make sure to sharpen it to a point.

Invest in 2/3 dark shades other than black as they will last you really long and are so multipurpose.

You can also use a brown eye pencil for your eyebrows .

The color eye pencils  from Bella Voste , Nelf , Lakme or Maybelline are all a good pick in the budget.

Eye pencils


There is only one product that can darken, thicken or add length to your lashes and that has to be mascara.

On days when I don’t wish to add any makeup in my face, I just wear mascara and good to go.

Always use a volumizing mascara and  don’t forget to apply multiple coats so that your lashes look bigger and fuller.

L’oreal million lashes mascara and Falsies from Maybelline are the ones I am totally crushing over currently.

If you are looking for a good mascara under 500/- you can opt for Maybelline . You will get many options and believe me they all are very effective and you are going to love how they will change your whole look.

Don’t forget to discard your old mascara every 3/4 months of opening the bottle as you do not want to catch an eye infection .



Red, of course is the ultimate party/ wedding color.It makes teeth whiter, complexion much brighter, and lends any outfit instant chic. You are never under dressed with red lips, and there really is one for everyone.

Other than reds, you can also opt for a good coral or fuchsia shade that pretty much does the same job.

You can decide a shade depending on your dress color and your capability to carry the shade off.

If dark lips scare you, no worries, Nude shades are very in too.

You can opt for a dark eyeliner and go nude on your lips.

If you want your lipstick to stay longer, don’t forget to apply a lip liner of similar shade and watch how your lipstick staying power increases by 3/4 hours.


I have lost count on how many lip shades I own and also it is very hard to me to pick one favorite color.

But you can surely opt for Maybelline if you are looking for some stunning shades in budget.

Color Pop has great lasting power and some beautiful shades too.

MAC needs no introduction and Ruby woo has been most youngsters favorite color for too long now.

The new nude collections from My Glamm has got my heart pumping faster too.

All this makeup is good, but always remember take good care of your skin because that is the key to looking beautiful.

I had curates a special winter skin care blog last December. Click here to read about the skin care tips that will help me get flawless skin.

If you have any queries or comments feel free to drop it below in the comment section.

Also do let me know your favorite products below.

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  1. Well, Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I got all the product which I felt to be useful for me over candylove also instantly. As you explained everything it was really helpful for me.

  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational is one of my favourite mascaras. I have been using it for many years now. Though I love high end makeup a lot but Maybelline never disappoints in drugstore.

  3. Hey I spy some of my favourite brands like Maybelline, loreal, I heart makeup from makeup revolution. These products may be affordable but they deliver great results just like luxury makeup.

  4. OMG! even after 15 blush you don’t feel you have a perfect makeup? then what would you call me;). Anyways , we have a wedding in family in Jan and this post has indeed helped me with the must have’s.

  5. Completely agree with you..these are basic things you need even if you keep the makeup simple…I mostly use Lakme though..

  6. Thanks a ton for sharing this with me . I wanted to start with the basics and was looking for a checklist. This post has everything which I need. Saving this post

  7. I have not yet tried any Hudabeauty products till now. I would love to try them sometime. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brand.

  8. That’s very helpful list especially for beauty beginners like me. I’ve never tried makeup base. Thanks for sharing valueable tips for buying the right makeup products

  9. Glad to find that you have shared such informative content.
    The wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of woman life, but getting married also creates a lot of pressure, particularly when it comes to looking you’re very best. So, always make sure to have your makeup by a skilled expert.

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