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Television has always played an important role in my life maybe because it supports me when I am lonely and feeling bored. Although currently I am left with very little time for television, there are some shows I really miss watching. Let me share with you a bit about my favourite TV soap.

Why I liked to watch Qubool Hai?

One such show is Qubool Hai, which premiered on ZEE TV in October 2012 has been one of my favourite TV shows of all time.

Qubool Hai is a soap opera on ZEE TV, produced by 4 Lions Films. It aired every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm IST. The show had become extremely popular within a really short span of time and in just less than 5 months of its launch, the show became the no.1 show on ZEE TV.

Tv soap

I can go on writing about how many things I totally loved about this show, but let me just pen down a few reasons as to why I am so hooked to this show –

•This daily soap is a beautiful amalgamation of drama, romance and thrills, showcasing Muslim culture and its values in today’s modern setting.

•Qubool Hai is primarily a revenge drama but yet has a strong romantic vibe to it. In my opinion, it still has one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen on Indian television.

•The lead roles essayed by Karan Singh Grover (my favourite TV star) and Surbhi Jyoti portrayed the roles of Asad and Zoya like a dream. The two actors had some really amazing chemistry and the love-hate relationship due to their clashing personalities (Asad, a strict and serious businessman and Zoya, totally carefree and fun-loving) in the start made the show really engaging.

Qubool hai

•Surbhi Jyoti not only looked mesmerising throughout the show playing different characters, but she managed to do complete justice to each character with full conviction.

•All the characters of this show were so relatable and being a Muslim; I am glad this show focused on the Muslim community and aimed to dispel all those age-old stereotypes regarding Islamic community.

•Also the negative characters in the show like Amrapali Gupta – Tanveer, Alka Kaushal – Razia and last but not the least Additi Gupta who played the menacing Khan Begum. All of them gave incredibly convincing performances and did all the justice to their roles.


•But the biggest plus point of the show was its incredible twists and turns. Each twist used to be so good that we used to watch with anticipation as to what will happen now!

So, these were the main reasons why I was hooked to the show. With so many points working in its favour, it wasn’t surprising that the show ran for more than two years before ending on 25th January 2016. But fans of the show need not worry about missing their favourite characters as the show is available to stream anytime anywhere, for free on ZEE5 now.

So, tell me, were you an ardent fan of this show too?
If yes, what was that one thing that kept you hooked to this drama for four long years?
Do share your views and suggestions in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “My Favourite TV Soap”

  1. I heard a lot about this show but couldn’t get a chance to see it, but now its good to know that I can watch the stream on Zee5, will watch it

  2. You refreshed my memory. I used to LOVE this show – Qubool hai with my husband. The story of that outgoing girl and shy introvert boy really touched our heart.

  3. Don’t usually watch alot of soaps but your review has intrigued me. I certainly am gonna check this one out and am gonna blame you if i get addicted. Sounds really interesting

  4. I generally avoid daily soaps because they have nothing new to offer..but after reading your post I think I will start watching this one regularly

  5. No doubt this is also one of my most watched show especially because of so many twist and turn that keep me hooked all the time

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