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Tackle oily skin -Himalaya Fresh Start


Having an oily skin is a struggle on it own.

Your face looks shiny and you are often prone to blackheads spots or acne, right?

Taking some special care and following a few tips and tricks will help you combat the issues attached to oily skin-

🔅Wash your face daily twice- morning and evening. Washing it too often can make it even oilier.

🔅Always keep in mind to use a mild cleanser.

It’s so important to keep in mind your skin type before you buy the cleanser.

🔅Scrubbing your face is not advisable too often.

Once in 15 days does the trick.

🔅Use a right toner or using rose water can help you tighten the pores.

🔅Moisturise your skin with an oil-free moisturizer only.

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Wed In Style

Choosing the correct spouse can be one of the most difficult yet important decisions of one’s life.

And when one is lucky enough to have found one, obviously marriage is the next step.

Especially, in Indian culture, we have learned about the value and sanctity of marriage right from childhood.

Keeping in mind all the customs, traditions and ancient practices marriages in India are performed with many rituals and utmost care.


And it’s not only about the customs and the traditions but it’s also about the emotions that are attached to this term right from the ancient days.

And, of course, it goes without saying that marriage is a celebration of love and commitment of the couple.

So when this anticipated moment, finally is about to come true it’s only obvious to want the best of everything, Right?

We all have visualized the perfect wedding, a perfect dress, dreamy decor, gorgons makeup, perfect hair-dos or jewelry at one stage or the other in our lives.

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Attending a close friend’s wedding made me realize the importance of all the customs and rituals connected with the wedding and not to forget, the oh-so-perfect detailing done with the help of the Wedmegood wedding planning app that comes for free. Continue reading “Wed In Style”


Sipping in style with Vaya Drynk

In this holy month of Ramzan the only thing I can crave for after breaking my fast is liquids.

Yes, I can drink a lot of water and I love to sip on my hot cup of tea/ coffee after I break my fast.

The vacuum flask by Vaya Drynk has stolen my heart .. it comes with 2 lids and 2 cups…


So when I use the lid for the gulper, this thermos water bottle actually transforms into my tea flask and it keep my tea hot for a long time allowing me to sip it slowly and peacefully without having to reheat it .

The texture and the flavour of my ginger tea remains intact in it even if I sip it again after 2 hours.

If you are not a tea/ coffee person , the Vaya Drynk can also be carried as a sipper and therefore, serves as the ideal gym water bottle.

Vaya drynk

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Coffee Trends

This post is a part of #GodrejFoodTrends 2018 Contest #GFTR2018 .

The Godrej Food Trends Report is a commendable attempt by the team of compiling the latest trends and happenings of the food Industry bringing together the various predictions and views of the Experts in the industry in a simple format.

Food trends

Until few years ago, I could easily say that the western countries are so well caffeinated but with the increasing coffee trends it is surprising to see a Starbucks or a Cafe Coffee Day at every lane and corner even in the smallest cities in India.

For centuries Indians have preferred chai over a cup of coffee …

But according to various reports now this definitely seems to be changing  and we are gradually shifting more towards the coffee culture ,especially the masses.

So let’s get into some Coffee Trends Predictions for 2018.


Young crowd definitely loves hanging out and spending more time outside their homes at the coffee houses for get-togthers, dates , meeting friends, holding work meetings and sipping local roasts and grabbing a quick bite alongside.

As per the need of the hour, Coffee varieties are growing by the day and now the Cafes serve anything from instant cappuccino, to latte and espresso. They are well advertised well , and so the urban population didn’t blink twice to embrace it.

The coffee production has increasingly flourished in some Indian states like Kerala Tamil Nadu Karnataka. Coffee is the third most consumed beverage around the world after water and tea.

Black coffee

However people in North India prefer instant coffee compare to people in South who prefer the  filter coffee.

Slowly but steadily coffee is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury and there is a steep increase in the quality of the coffee and the different specialities and variations are easily available now on our soil too.


In short, coffee is just not for Refreshment breaks any more .

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Hydrate In Style with Vaya Drynk

Just in time for summers, I got my hands on this gorgeous tumblers from Vaya.
I can’t stress enough for the importance of keeping your body well hydrated, especially in summers.
It’s barely been a week that I have started using these tumblers and you won’t believe how much I have increased in the consumption of liquids already.

Isn’t it a great idea to stay hydrated always?

From the packaging to the quality of the product I have been very impressed with Vaya Drynk tumblers.


These extremely stylish stainless steel flask is apt for storage juices, buttermilk, smoothies,coffee and tea.

More so ever it is extremely lightweight and sleek Unlike the bulky flasks which we have been using for so long.

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