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Pixi has always been a secret to glowing skin for most of you ladies who have tried this renowned brand.

So yet another glow-enhancing products inspired by their multi-award-winning glow tonic; you are is the perfect collection to exfoliate hydrate and nourish your skin giving it the perfect signature beautiful glow.

Pixi beauty
Pixi Beauty PR package

Recently, I received this PR package from Pixi a couple of days ago…

And after trying those products for about 7/10 days , I decided to share my reviews about these products with you guys.

I received a PR kit of five products from the pixi glow range which comprised of-

Pixi beauty

1. Glow tonic cleansing gel:

This is one hydrating cleansing gel which successfully removes all the impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

The perfect combination of Moisclean and a unique blend of glycolic acid , horse chestnut extract and ginseng helps to brighten the complexion and refining the skin texture leaving at totally energised and smooth.

While Aloe vera hydrates the skin , ginseng Helps in improving blood circulation and energises the skin.

Pixi beauty

This can be used in the morning as well as at night. A small amount is enough to be applied on damp skin and it needs to be gently massaged for 30 seconds avoiding the eye area post which you can rinse clean and Pat dry.

2. Glow Tonic :

This award-winning toner helps to tone and tighten the skin.

It needs to be used after cleansing your face thoroughly.

Use a cotton pad with a glow tonic and sweep across face and neck avoiding eye area.

Follow it with a serum or moisturiser.

Pixi beauty

It exfoliate and beautifies the skin with glycolic acid.

Ginseng improve circulation and energises the skin whereas Aloe vera soothes and hydrates the skin.

It also accelerates cell renewal to reveal a glowing and a brighter complexion along with healing and soothing the skin.

The best part is unlike other toners it is alcohol free and suitable for all skin types.

3. Glow tonic serum:

Here is one concentrated exfoliating gel that helps you give a radiant skin of your dreams on regular application.

So after cleansing your face and toning it, the secret to glowing skin is to apply the serum and massage 2 to 3 drops on your face before your moisturiser.

The glycolic acid exfoliate your skin and aloe vera soothes your skin.

Also enriched with aloe vera extracts it helps to calm skin and vitamins a C and E has to nourish the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and also fades sunspots over time.

4. Phenomenal Gel:

Using a coin size amount of this jail after cleansing and toning your skin will help to refine your skin and brighten up your complexion.

Pixi beauty

This one is a hydrating Gel with Horse chestnut for smoothening of skin, Aloe vera for soothing the skin and citric acid balances and brightens up your complexion.

5. On-the-glow:

You are is one extremely unique product which I had never owned before.

The unique contribution by Pixi is the travel friendly solid moisturiser.

This moisturiser can be used on your face ,lips body as well as hair.

It is formulated with the unique mix of vitamin D2 and gentle acids and vitamins

To protect treat and increase moisture level immediately and long-term.

Vitamin D2 was a powerful antioxidant which also helps in anti ageing.

Pixi beauty

You just need to twist the base to repel product then swipe it gently onto skin and pad access into skin with fingertips.

Lastly,close the lid after each use.

This is my first experience with the pixi range of products and their glow collection has had me head over heels.

Pixi beauty

I highly recommend you to also get your hands on these wonderful products which will help you enhance your glow and bring out the most beautiful you.

You can too get your hands on my secret to glowing skin on Instagram @pixibeauty .

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  1. Pixi Beauty has been my favorite since the day i have been introduced to the brand. This glow range is super great for our skin.

  2. You are a pro now and I am sure many girls including my niece would line up, to take advice and get your reviews which will help them choose beauty products.. 🙂

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