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Selecting the right shampoo

Selecting the right shampoo.

Some of us think that a shampoo is strictly a hair-cleansing agent.

It does way more than that.

The shampoo is a caring agent for your scalp and roots, too.

Hair care

Therefore when you choose a shampoo, you should be choosing one for your scalp first.

It is very essential to Select shampoos that promote moisture, smoothing, and hydration.

Also it is a must to avoid all those volumizing, fortifying, and strengthening formulas.

Shampoos with tea tree oil and menthol can also help retain moisture.

One of such effective shampoo is the Jonk shampoo from Nature Sure .


Cleansing and nourishing:

It is very effective in cleansing your scalp and deeply nourishing the hair roots.

Anti Dandruff:

This product is also amazing if you’re looking to get rid of dandruff and preventing any kind of infections.

Natural ingredients:

It is made up of hundred percent natural ingredients which will help you get rid of any kind of dirt, fungus and grime and cleanses your scalp.

Some of the ingredients used in the making of the shampoo or aloe vera , neem , aritha, Amla and baheda.


Hair nourishment:

This is Jonk shampoo Will nourish your hair and make your hair follicles healthy.


Oil your hair with nature sure jonk oil or any other good hair oil over night.

Next day wash your hair by using sufficient quantity of Nature sure Jonk Shampoo.

Take enough quantity to cover the entire scalp and hair strands …then massage and lather.

Finally rinse with warm water and let your hair dry naturally.

What is reasonably priced for just 391/- and easily available on amazon and flipkart.

You can also order the products from their own website.

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