Sex, Drugs and Theatre Review: A must-watch masterpiece.

Filmmaker Sujay Dahake is making his digital debut with ZEE5 Marathi Original series Sex, Drugs & Theatre on March 5th, after his success in making 3 Marathi feature films.

Spanning across a wide range of genres, Shala (2012),  Ajoba (2014) and Phuntroo (2016), set the benchmark for new-age content in Marathi cinema.

Following the similar experimentative zone, this ZEE5 original, released on 5th March 2019, has a lot to intrigue you. Celebrating Marathi drama to the fullest, the series features a solid star cast such Pravin Tarde, Sunil Barve, Adish Vaidya, Mitali Mayekar, Suyash Zunjurke, Shalva Kinjawadekar, Nayannah Mukey, Abhishek Deshmukh and also Sujay Dahake who will be seen playing a crucial role.

It unfolds the journey of six college students who are forcefully made to work on a prestigious drama competition and how that completely changes their life.

Marathi series

“Sex, Drugs & Theatre” as the title describes is an intense college drama. College theatre and theatre competitions have always been dear to the Marathi audience. For example, one of the prominent scenes that were showcased in the series, ends with a dialogue ‘Kasli bhiti? Hyanna ghaabartos? which translates to What are you afraid of? and Are you scared of them (pointing at the audience)?” leaves a huge impact on the audience.

This ‘drama’ is basically ‘staged’ around the college youth struggling to get their theatrical play through for the ‘Pune Mahakarandak’ competition. Eventually, the journey takes a dark turn tackling taboo subjects like sex and drug use. However, the treatment of these subjects is really efficient and use the themes to make the story more powerful.


All the characters in Sex, Drugs & Theatre have equally important roles to play which is essential to the plot. After watching the series, we can bet that they all have done proper justice to their roles.

As for the visuals, they are a treat to watch. Especially, the theatrical shots are well-crafted, and a few dialogues do have the Marathi punch.

Also, we have to give a special mention to V Prafullchandra for his extraordinary use of background music. The title track is a wonderful blend of rustic local music and hypnotic modern beats. It is used in many sequences which adds up to the overall essence.

Marathi series

Overall, this series is very intriguing and has something new to offer in the Indian web space. In short, Sujay Dahake continues to surpass audience expectations.

Just like we expected it is a brilliant digital debut by Dahake.

Our verdict: Sex, Drugs & Theatre is a masterpiece and a definite must-watch for those who seek novel themes in the Indian web space. This story of love, friendship and politics of college life is unlike anything you have seen before.

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