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Social media detox

Isn’t it time for social media detox?

It won’t be wrong to say that we all are living in an era dominated by social media.

We are exposed to a lot of information which we don’t need to constantly eyeing on how wonderful the lives of others look and how we lack those blessings in our lives.


Such kind of unnecessary comparisons creates a lot of pressure and can take a serious toll on one’s physical as well as mental health.

Being a blogger and a freelancer PR,It is a part of my job to remain online and active on social media as much as possible.

I have to admit that constantly scrolling through my feed and keeping a tab on other people’s life had made me more impulsive and anxious.

Social media

Just like every coin has two sides even social media can have a lot of disadvantages along with innumerable benefits.

Comparing your lives with others which according to me is highly encouraged by social media you start feeling more isolated and in most cases people have also suffered from serious depression.

If you want to break this unhealthy cycle, it demands a social media cleanse plan which will help you to reconnect with all the real and beautiful things in life and blessings we ignore.

I decided to take a social media detox once a week and also a couple of hours in a day so that I could put an end to the endless spiral of comparisons and my anxious behaviour.

•There is nothing wrong in taking inspiration for your feed from other profiles specially in case of beauty and fashion blogs and follow your favourite influencers.

But it should not invite and inefficiency and comparisons.


•So I decided I need to put an end to this as I cannot be completely of social media but a detox once in a while is the need of the hour.

•Once you decide to keep off your phone you will realise how much more time you have to do so many other interesting work and live a real life.

•From completing the daily household chores, learning new hobbies and activities, cleaning my clothes racks, writing new blogs , meeting my friends

it’s so much more that can be done in the same time.

•All these activities help me refresh and come back with a clear head and I enjoy doing my blog work more after the detox.

•You will notice that you had a more productive day when you take time of social media rather than constantly being surrounded by it.

•I am sure the idea to keep away from social media will scare you and the start and you will also find it very difficult.

It is a form of addiction and we all are guilty as charged.

•So if you are too considering to do a social media cleanse, don’t think just start with it day a week and eventually you can increase the number of days in a week or the number of hours in a day.

•All you have to do is delete the apps installed on your phone so that you’re not tempted to check your phone again and again.

•When you get used to the social media detox you will notice that you do not react much to every comment on negative thing that is spoken about you.

•Also you are left out with only healthy competition I’m not unnecessary comparisons.

•Research has also shown that your overall mood improves if you manage to stay away from Facebook ,Twitter , Instagram and other social media sites.

•Just like any kind of addiction has withdrawal symptoms you will also feel that you’re missing out something entertaining or important but honestly this is not the case.

This is one way to conquer the fear of missing out.

•Finally the good news is that you can boost your mood by being out in public focusing on your health,working out ,enjoying movies of concerts and hanging out with your friends.

•If you find it hard to completely stay without your phone then rather consider visiting beneficial websites and educational once so that it can enrich your professional and personal lives too.

•So learn to remove the extra stress from your life and devote your energy in improving your life.

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