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Get rid of toxic habits

How to get rid of toxic habits.

As human beings, it is a normal tendency to form habits.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly, going to bed on time all of these are good habits to live with.

We also tend to form certain toxic habits which we don’t even realise sometimes.

Such toxic habits can turn into addiction or a serious condition that needs immediate attention.

Habits don’t develop overnight.

Over a period of time to become a part of our lives and change into character.

But it is very necessary to recognise and get rid of these toxic habits before they start hampering our progress.


Below are a few steps which can be followed to recognise and get rid of toxic habits.

1.Pen down your thoughts:

The first step crucial in eliminating toxins habits is to recognise them in the first place.

Only once you identify that you are on the wrong track can you make necessary amendments.

One easy step to identify toxic habit is to write down your thoughts.

Just how people take the before and after images for the weight loss process.

You can maintain a journal and Keep a note of all your thoughts, plans, successes and failures.

This journal will help you redirect your thoughts and focus on positive things.

2.Finding out the triggers:

Once you identify your toxic happened the next up is to find out what actually triggers them.

You need to contemplate and think about it peacefully to analyse the habits and the situations that are causing those actions.

If you’re addicted to coffee for example you need to know which thoughts are using in your head before you order or make that coffee.

Is it stress, is it tiredness or anger that wants you to grab a cup of coffee all the time.

You Need to control your mind and even physically remove yourself from such situations which triggers your bad habits or addictions.


3.Making amendments:

All you need to do is begin with making some small changes and replace it with something positive.

If someone is addicted to smoking I can replace this habit with exercising like cycling of skipping to begin with.

Distracting your mind from your addictions will help you slowly gain control over your mind without forcing yourself to leave it all at once.

4.Reward-oriented goals:

This steps requires imagination of how your life will actually look like what positive impact it will have once you leave your toxic habits behind.

This is definitely going to be a motivational factor and will encourage you to stick to your plan.

5. Positive company:

One should not hesitate to take help from friends and family if needed to achieve their goals.

Also surrounding yourself with positive and successful people will make it easy for you to have a life positive habits.

What is it of which is also true so beware of people with negative and toxic habits and keep Safe distance from such company.

Sometimes you become very used to our regular habits and we find it impossible to break the chain.

However, this is not the truth.

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A very famous quote which also happens to be one of my favourite:

“If you always do what you have always done you will always get the results what you have always got.”

As human beings we keep attracting same experiences and we are not able to move on until we change the way we start thinking about it.

So create your own journey.

Do not judge a compete with other people and let go of the past.

Say yes to new chances and be open for new changes.


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