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Intimate Hygiene

Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene is a crucial part of a females overall hygiene.

I trust Everteen Natural intimate wash for the same.

This intimate wash is specifically designed to promote vagina hygiene and also to maintain natural vaginal balance.

From preventing a natural odours, relieving vaginal itching to protecting vagina’s pH balance this wash does it all for your intimate hygiene.

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Health & Wellness

Feel clean and fresh

Feel clean and fresh

Should I suggest you a way to want to feel clean and fresh the entire day even if you’re hustling or running errands?

Everteen Natural cotton daily Panty Liners Will help you achieve the shower fresh feeling throughout the day.

These cotton daily panty liners are a great way to keep yourself clean and extremely hygienic throughout the day .

It also helps in building confidence all day.

The best part is it is so thin and light that you absolutely do not feel that you are wearing anything extra.

Also it is almost invisible but great to absorb any light discharges or accidental Leaks.

Isn’t this a great way to keep your intimate area spotless and dry and feel clean and fresh through the day.

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Enchanteur product range

‌Hello Friends,

I am here to introduce you to this brand – Enchanteur, if you do not already know about it… 🙂

Although I have been using certain products from this brand for the past couple of years, I have recently stepped into the world of Enchanteur and explored a whole new wide range of products.

Their products have a great range of perfumes, deodorants,body mists, shower gel, talc , bathing bar and also personalised gift boxes.


Enchanteur has created some really beautiful range of perfumes using classic French techniques infused with timeless floral aromas like white jasmine, lily, tuberoses and many more.

I am currently using a couple of products by Enchanteur, so let me brief you a bit about my favorite products.

? The Charming Range of products-

✔Roll on deodorant :

The long-lasting sensual floral fragrance will give you a fresh feeling for a good 4/6 hours.

It has a quick drying and a non-sticky formula that helps prevent body odor and gives you confidence and freshness.

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