Today I’m going to talk about one of the most interesting drama thriller mystery on ZEE 5


With talent power House Jennifer Winget, Rajat Kapoor and Tanuj Virwani in lead cast itdoes not come to your surprise when each character is played with at utmost perfection.

The entire season comprises of 8 episodes And each episode is approximately for 40 minutes and has been successfully keeping the audience glued.

The mystery quotient is high and the impressive detail offers a binge worthy experience to the viewers.



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Some of the noteworthy aspects of this series-

Impressive starcast:

One of the most talented faces of Indian television Jennifer Winget makes a very impressive debut on this digital.

She plays an army lawyer who deals with a very high-profile case some days before the wedding.

Rajat Kapoor plays a crusty old colonel who stands out in his performance.

This actor plays a no-nonsense army man .

Seema Biswas can be seen in a very powerful role again proving the great actress that she is.

Tanuj Virwani also excels in playing Jennifer Winget’s ex-boyfriend and her opponent.


Gripping Storyline:

This is an eight episode series which is about a case assigned to Jennifer Winget who plays the role of Major Monica.

This case is assigned by Rajat which looks like an open and shut case superficially but has many hidden layers as she unravels the mystery with time.

Keeping the army background simple Yet extremely interesting. Code M is Is a well written story of what actually happens when power is wielded by the crooked.

In spite of being a bride to be Jennifer places a duty first and eventually finds out that everything is not what it looks to be.

Mystery factor:

This one definitely has several twist and mind blowing climax.

Jennifer Winget plays a unconventional army lawyer in this thriller mystery drama  where she refuses to trust people on face value.

The case handed over to her which looks like an open and close case eventually exposes an explosive secret that destroys a family and also shakes up the entire fabric of Indian Army.

You will be glued to their performances and the twists and turns in the series ending a portrait very beautifully.


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Complex relationships drama:

This show is the perfect amalgamation of lot of issues like encounters, same-sex love, terrorism , smuggling , cold-blooded murder and successfully juggles the myriad aspects.

Code M demonstrates a mature relationship between two exes to carry on their duties with all honesty And not get into the nostalgia mode or flashes of the past only throws. light at the maturity of two characters.



Code M is a Web series based on real events and an investigation on a military encounter case.

Now whether Sameer killed intentionally or martyred Something you will only get to know after watching this web series.

Jennifer winget definitely is very convincing in the role of army lawyer and she looks equally good and all her romantic scenes.

Tanuj Virwani ,Rajat Kapoor, Seema Biswas do the parts with all honesty in this thriller mystery drama.



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