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Travelling in a budget

Is your loan balance of low salary stopping you from travelling?

Most of us have this age-old misconception, that Instagram worthy vacation has to always too expensive.

Many strategies and attitudes to be adopted in your life that can make travelling in your budget possible.

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Sharing some of the hacks to travel in future budget below:

I don’t think you need to be reach often.

You just need to be wise and creative to be able to fulfil your dream of travelling the world.

Apps and websites:

You have a lot of helpful apps and websites now a days that will help you find many ways how you can lower your expenses and maybe even make some bucks while travelling.


First you need to make a tight budget and stick to it and definitely cause you sacrifice of some comfort to an extent.

Also not be too fancy a luxurious travel is your priority I’m sure you can definitely make it.

Most importantly, you need to plan your trip well in advance and book your flight tickets 6/8 months prior to the trip.

You won’t know the closer we get to the departure date the price keeps on increasing especially a month or two in advance is not a good time to book the tickets.


Out of season:

Summer vacations Christmas locations or any other festive and school holiday time is definitely not the time to travel in the budget.

So pre-planning your trip out of season period will definitely help you save on airlines and hotels.

Accommodate wisely:

Opting for hostels, communal bunk rooms will not only save a lot of money compared to expensive hotels but will also give you opportunity to explore more and meet some new like-minded people.

Also if you’re visiting your friends for long lost cousins and you can stay with them then nothing like it.


Nothing will save your money as much as cooking only if I’m buying your own groceries rather than eating outside in hotels.

Also not every meal should require a stores as you can survive on some premade sandwiches or salads.


Travel passes:

Learn to take public transportation.

Getting ourselves a day pass ahead of time will be extremely feasible i’m can save you a lot of money and will also give you the flexibility you desire.

Permanent jobs:

Some jobs overseas don’t require a lot of experience or high-level degree but it will help you travel a lot of countries and even sponsor some of your trips.

Earning with travelling:

If you have the skills why not sell it and earn some money even while travelling.

Being a tour guide, diving instructor, seasonal worker at ski resorts are some examples of these kind of jobs.

So whether it is a two month or two week vacation, if you are single and not travelling with your family,

If you are feasible, travelling does not need to always cost a bomb.

Sometimes using non-traditional an out-of-the-box ways to travel can save a lot of money.

So follow these hacks and don’t let money to the constraint that is holding you back from travelling.

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35 thoughts on “Travelling in a budget”

  1. Nice tips. Yes by planning properly one can save a lot of money. These tips will of great help for those who travel passionately from one place to another. For many others, travel is a time to relax and take it easy. They would like to pamper themselves with good food, nice bed and a bit of sight seeing.

  2. Super tips. We have been planning since July a trip we want to take in June 2020. Pre-planning definitely helps save money. Not only that it also helps in ensuring you get the bookings you want.

  3. Travel locally? Explore your own street? your own town! Walk on a stretch where you usuall]y drive. I guess that would be the cheapest travel! And believe me keep your eyes open and it will be as “instagrammable” as any!

  4. Aha Superb tips. We as couple and family did sone trips with planning and it were not just fun but also very cost effective. Timely booking the best hotels with good discounts, foods like bread bhujia pickle dry fruits fruits maggi and day passes were the biggest Savior. #damurureads #myfriendalexa

  5. Certainly wonderful tips… That can be worked upon … I prefer b&b stays over the hotel ones bcoz of the food that costs so much… That is one thing I practice while travelling

  6. You have shared some great tips in this post. I too agree pre-plan us much better whenever we are supposed to travel it can save money as we can book flight tickets and all in less fare.

  7. Saving money while traveling is really difficult but your post has some great tips. Being within budget and enjoying at the same time are the two things to keep in mind while traveling.

  8. Travelling in a budget definitely prevents you from overspending in the spur of the moment and cringe about it later. Very nicely put article. Thanks for sharing this. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads

  9. I love to travel on a shoestring budget yet manage to have wonderful experiences. My life’s and blog’s motto is “you don’t need a lot of money to see the world but will power to step outside your comfort zone”.

  10. Those are some great tips. Things that I didn’t even know were possible. I used to thing that traveling will empty my bank account and so I save up for trips in advance. But most of the time, I inadvertently end up spending my savings and the trips keep getting postponed! So thanks a lot for these great tips. Now, hopefully my trips won’t be postponed for too long. ?

  11. These are very useful tips. You are actually right that people think instagram trips will be very costly but I feel travel is for satisfaction of the soul not for instagram. So instagram worthy pics are never my priority.

  12. I and my husband plans about everything before moving for any new destination holiday. It includes expenses, sightseeing, accommodations, in-city traveling, etc… It makes the holiday much easier and comfortable rather being a complete zero while traveling.


  13. These are some really nice tips to travel on a budget. Of late I have been planning to take the family to a vacation and been juggling lots of apps and deals to fit things on my budget and at times they are really helpful.

  14. You are so correct with your tip of using public transportation. I remember when we had first visited Singapore we had used their public transportation only and believe me, we had saved lots of money on that. A good trip doesn’t need lots of money, it just needs good planning. Well written
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

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