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Upgrade your kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen with InSinkErator

The wet food waste which is generated from residential and commercial places has a very hazardous impact on the environment.


Use of plastic bags, littering of waste, vehicles which are used for dumping in landfills all of this and in addition the harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere only add to the burden on environment and society.

Waste disposal

Food waste Disposer

To reduce this impact on society using food we disposers at commercial establishments and home is an absolute must.

Let me introduce you to InSinkErator, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposer.

The benefits to dispose food are too many to be listed.

Convenient lifestyle And conscious living to name a few.

Why choose InSinkErator:

The impact that food waste disposer has on environment is really huge which we fail to realise.

With the help of this disposer, segregating waste and all kind of residential wet waste can be dumbed down in the InSinkErator sink.


To maintain hygiene in your home and surroundings, it is necessary to upgrade your kitchen and dispose food waste rather than throw it in dust been where it starts decomposing and eventually starts rotting.

Eventually by using this method there is the great reduction in the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Also this process helps in reducing gas and fumes from the transport of garbage.

Types of food that can be disposed in InSinkErator.

Anything from raw to cooked food or Indian vegetables anything can be disposed of in minutes and this food waste disposer.


You just need to install this in your kitchen and put the waste food in the sink hole instead of the dustbin.


Next you run the cold water and push the start button of this disposer.

The food waste will automatically be pushed down in the main chamber where the grinding blades will automatically it on food waste into sludge like substance.

Eventually it all will be flushed down the drain to the main sewage system ensuring absolutely no clogging.

Benefits of InSinkErator:

As all kind of food waste is disposed instantly instead of throwing in the dustbin, it assures less smell in the kitchen counters and less smelly and messy kitchens.


Definitely your kitchen will be more hygienic since there will be no voting of wet waste which also shows less infections less pests and rodents.

We need to realise that manual food waste disposal only adds more burden on society: health, physical and financial burden.


Let’s talk about some myths which are related to this food waste disposer.

InSinkErator Does not have played rather it uses small lugs and grinding plates Break down the food waste into the sink hole.

These disposal hours are extremely feasible for Indian kitchen and can be installed easily and discreetly under any Indian kitchen Sink using the existing kitchen drain pipe system

Also they have the sound limiter insulation and anti-vibration mount technology which means that these models can operate with very little noise.

Also these food waste disposal hours grind food waste into very fine particles similar to that of human waste so that the float with water and get pushed down easily in the drain line.

Although, this disposal definitely requires running water and electricity but it uses only about 1% or less of total water consumption and cost on average less then 50 Rs. year in electric usage.


Lastly let’s break the myth that they are not relevant for Indian households.

Rather the opposite is true.

To avoid smelly and messy kitchen and for easy maintenance of dustbins it is a huge contributor to reducing the burden on landfills and infections.

Price range:

You can visit the website and also head to the closest store for a demo session.

Lastly the price range varies from 18,990 to 67,990 depending upon the model you choose.

It’s time we upgrade your kitchens.

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