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Vaginal tightening and revitalising gel

Vaginal tightening and revitalising gel

As a woman I feel the need to feel confident and comfortable in my own personality.

To take care of others, we women need to take care of ourselves first because you cannot pour from an empty mug.

There are several external and internal factors that helps me build my confidence and one of such internal factor is my intimate hygiene .

There is one brand I absolutely trust when it comes to my intimate hygiene and all the other intimate needs is Everteen .

I have been using everteen for many years now and can hence vouch for this brand.

Also talking about one general topic which many married woman complain about.

Many women complain about losing vagina tightening due to age, child birth and many other factors.

Everteen has under its wings one of the most raved about product which is the Vaginal tightening and revitalising gel Which is made from natural and pure ingredients.

It helps in 3 major ways-


Tightens and

Revitalise vagina.

This gel is a unique formula which is made of natural ingredients and is so effective the best part being it is free of any side-effects.

As it is formulated under the guidance of expert gynaecologist and is dermatologically and clinically tested it definitely makes your vagina feel very fresh.

Vagina tightening

Some additional advantages-

This gel helps to improve lubrication and reduces dryness.

It helps to tighten and revitalise the vagina

It removes harmful vaginal bacteria.

Helps in rejuvenating and toning vaginal muscles.

Lastly and most importantly helps in restoring post delivery vaginal elasticity.


Now let’s talk about a simple procedure of how to use this vaginal tightening and revitalising gel.

It is important to clean your hands and vagina with water.

After sitting in the squatting posture you can take 2 to 3 gm of the gel on your fingertips.

Now apply the gel with your fingertip inside the vagina in circular motion twice a day for better results.


Also the product is easily available at a very affordable pricing on the below link and it is also available on nykaa, amazon and flipkart.

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