Best Marathi thriller movies

Marathi thriller movies that will keep you on the edge of your seats

Marathi cinema as we all know is one of the most evolved and celebrated among regional cinemas in India.

In fact, many prominent film scholars agree that the Marathi film industry is where some of the best of Indian cinema comes from.

Hence, I would like to bring to you a quick list of some of the best works in Marathi cinema. Marathi

I absolutely enjoy watching thriller movies and I am sure that these cinematic pieces are sure to leave you engrossed too.  

I have listed below my favourite thriller Marathi movies for all you Marathi movie buffs.


This is definitely one of those Marathi films, which features a strong storyline and a suspenseful cinematic style.

A mystery film at its core, ‘Sau Shashi Deodhar’ is a well-crafted attempt by director Amol Shetge, who also happens to have written the story for the film.

The movie revolves around a young middle-class married woman who identifies herself as  Shubhada Shashi Deodhar after she recovers from a car accident involving Dr Ajinkya Vartak.

It is a tale of a woman struggling to put together the puzzles of her life with the help of a psychiatrist, a police officer and also her former teacher.

The story proceeds smoothly with the introduction of new characters from time to time and you feel the pressure of the unanswered questions building up which keeps you hooked.

And just when you think that you have predicted the answers, you are hit with another dark twist in the plot which keeps you on the edge of your seats. Full with thrills, edginess and suspense at the same time, ‘Sau Shashi Deodhar‘ is a complete package for thriller genre enthusiasts.

It is perhaps the only film after ‘Pune 52’ in this genre that succeeds in playing mind games with the viewers and is a good watch for psychological thriller buffs like me.



The movie is based on a play, originally written by Shekhar Tamhane. A massive success in theatre, it was performed in the 1980s with the late Reema Lagoo in the central role. The play is sadi to have been inspired by a true story.

As a psychological thriller, director Swapna Waghmare Joshi’s Savita Damodar Paranjpe (SDP) manages to keep the thrills intact. Thriller movies

At times, it also ventures into the supernatural territory which makes it all the more interesting.

The music is another aspect that was much appreciated. It adds to the storyline and goes well with the build-up.

SDP is worth a watch, primarily for the interesting story and marvellous performances.


Firstly, the team of this movie deserves a pat on the back for making a film in a genre that was untouched by the Marathi industry. Thriller

Raakshas revolves around a family. The father Avinash (Kelkar) is a documentary filmmaker who goes missing in the jungle. His wife Iravati (Tamhankar) and daughter Aranya (Deshpande) start looking for him and they get help from a fantasy storybook that Aru finds during one of her earlier trips to the jungle with her father.

With a dark atmosphere and loads of twists, Raakshas keeps you on the edge of your seat and definitely qualifies for a good watch in my opinion.


This is not one of those movies that make empty claims to be a mystery filled thriller.

Released in 2011, this Marathi psychological thriller stars Pankaj Vishnu, Trupti Bhor and Mangesh Kulkarni.

The story revolves around a married couple Manav and Anuradha to move to Dombivali only to realise that the wife is constantly being stalked by a man.

Manav’s friend who happens to be an inspector, Sunil Pathak finds the stalker who pleads not guilty.

The story unfolds and the past reveals some secrets about Anuradha’s mother’s untimely death which pursues his friend to do further investigation.

This movie definitely deviates from the traditional Marathi films and director Sandeep is well supported by amazing editing work from Sarvesh Parab.

This film is definitely a sincere effort to fuse with its theme and moves with the required pace which garners a lot of interest among the viewers.

These movies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the awesomeness of Marathi movies. So, go ahead and binge your Marathi thriller movie binge right away.

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  1. Marathi film industry not only given us some of the best movies but also given us some mind blowing artist too. I am surely going to check this movies… special “Raakshas”

  2. Though we do not watch Marathi movies, we love the standard of Marathi regional cinema which is greatly influenced by Marathi stage. These movies all sound really thrilling, but the best one for us seems to be Savita Damodar Paranjpe.

  3. I really enjoy thriller movies but do not understand Marathi. Are subtitles available for these movies? I would love to watch Raakshas next. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am from Maharashtra and used to watch many Marathi movies but not anymore.
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  5. I like watching Marathi thriller movies too. I would love to watch these movies sometime.

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