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I am sure you would agree to this that one of the quintessential Indian experiences is to book your train tickets and travel by train.

There is no doubt that trains offer a way smoother and comfortable ride than buses and are highly recommended for long journeys that include overnight travel.

I am also super fond of traveling by trains for my domestic holidays.

 More so, they are cost effective and can take you from city to city in any continent of the world. However, one hassle we face in India is booking the train ticket especially, if you have not planned your trip well in advance it is bound to give you sleepless nights.

Book train tickets

Book your train tickets online for a hassle free travel Experience

Long queues, 100’s of reservations before you and no confirmations of your seat until the last moment are some of the common problems faced while making your railway tickets reservations.

I highly recommend you to use Paytm for booking your train tickets in the future for a smooth and easy booking experience..

Let me throw some light on some of the perks of booking your train tickets on Paytm, especially for someone who is not yet exposed to this app.


Easy booking with Paytm

You can now book train tickets within a few seconds :

 Our time is precious; that’s why on Paytm, you can book train tickets in just few seconds. You are bound to experience smooth payment and by making payment from the wallet it is so secure and quicker.

To book your tickets without any hassles, ensure that you have enough funds in your Paytm Wallet, as it helps you in much smooth

24×7 Support


If you have any queries, you can get them answered at any given point of time.

Be it train ticket bookings or cancellation, you can reach out to their customer care executives on their 24/7 helpline number 9555395553 for any queries or assistance regarding your refund or cancellation.


So now you understand why I have been recommending Paytm to my friends and family for long and now my readers too..

Be ensured for a quick and safe transactions and travel hassle free …

So for all your train bookings, #Paytmkaro .

Feel free to share your online booking experiences … would love to know how you guys plan and organise your trips… Drop your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

That’s all for today.. come back soon for more interesting reads soon.

Until Next time Have a great weekend and stay safe.


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21 thoughts on “Book your train tickets online”

  1. Paytm is really an easy and xomvinient way of doing booking or transfer. And such offers a exciting deals add more to it. I am a happy Paytm customer

  2. Yes I too agree with you that’s its good to book train ticket by online , and I always do that as we get many offers and time to time update also about the destination ,late etc details

  3. After this post I don’t think I am gonna open IRCTC website ever. Because that site is a huge trouble and this app is always hassle free. Thank you Paytm for this latest product.

  4. I use paytm to pay my bills every where! So happy that I can pay for travel using Paytm too! Will try this next time I have to book for a journey!

  5. I had no idea that tickets could be booked online via Paytm. I only knew long queues of booking counter . This would now save so much time and hassle. Thanks for sharing x

  6. I usually avoid travelling by train because of those long queues of ticket counter . Now this is something we needed long time. Thanks for sharing..This is good that Paytm brought this feature.

  7. Such a helpful post ! Ive just started using PayTm and it keeps surprising me ….And now ticketing will be so easy using paytm app…..

  8. Train journeys are so much. This is really a cool feature on the paytm app. Now online bookings are so easy with paytm.

  9. I use paytm for almost everything. Never realised that booking a train ticket could be more simple and soo easy. Thanks for sharing this

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