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Buy lipsticks Online at Best Prices

As a kid, I used to love watching my mom stand in front of the mirror with an array of cosmetics getting all decked up. But what fascinated me the most was her variety of lipsticks…

I think as a child we all must have been attracted to colors at some point of time and seeing her wear those hues of pinks and reds always tempted me to try those and see if they would suit me too.

Although, I was never allowed to use them… but you are always tempted to do those things which you are specifically told not to do, right?

And then the little girl grew up and finally had all the freedom to wear the shades and was no more stuck to coloured lip balms.


A bright shade of lipstick is capable of enhancing a dull look and take it to another level… ?

Being the most popular form of makeup for decades, it has some advantages too-

?Choose a lipstick with SPF 12 or higher and it will act as a great barrier against the sun rays.

?Choose a lipstick with good natural oils and it is bound to repair your cracked and dry lips too.

?A great lipstick will make your lips looks fuller and plumper and eventually that will give your face a chiseled look.

?A nice lip-shade which suits your undertones will make your smile fuller and appear brighter and attractive.

?It helps you create your own identity and gives a psychological boost too.

?A beautiful shade which compliments your face will make you look more beautiful and radiant and add that spark to your overall personality.

?It highlights the sensuality of a female and the focus does not go on her eyes or cheeks but on her bright lips.

 Apart from giving a beautiful finish to your look, there are many other advantages of wearing lipsticks.

Check out this link to know those advantages in detail.


Red lips 

Just like adding a right color on your lips can enhance your look… a poorly chosen shade which does not compliment your skin tone or dress can destroy the whole look too. 

/Selecting the right shade:

– Determine your skin tone

– Determine the shape of your lips

– Go by the size of your lips.

– Check your hair color and eye color.


?If you are unable to determine your skin undertone, use this simple guide chart to figure it out-

?Look at your veins. Blue and purple veins indicate cool toned skin.

green veins usually indicate warm toned skin. If you are confused if the veins are blue or green, you have a neutral skin undertone.

Nude lips 


With a bright lip shade, I am confident to step out with an otherwise, no makeup look to be it a party or a business meeting.

For me, shopping online is the best solution to avoid crowded malls and heavy weight lifting.

And call me lazy, but if I get all the brands and all the possible shades under one roof why would I want to step out in this scorching heat or during heavy downpours.

While there are many online shopping sites out there, but I have been quite impressed by the collection on Myntra. From Revlon to Maybelline, from MAC to Bobbi Brown… They have it all…


                Shop for lipshades from Myntra

So I don’t need to go out at ten different malls and shops looking out for my favourite brands.

Few clicks from the comfort of my home and I am totally sorted when it comes to my favourite lipsticks and that too totally in my budget.

I get my reds, pinks, nudes all delivered at my doorstep in no time and that too perfectly in my budget. Not that’s what I call a steal-deal. Are you a budgeted shopper too? Feel free to drop your experience with online lipsticks shopping in the comment section below.


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27 thoughts on “Buy lipsticks Online at Best Prices”

  1. I love collecting lipsticks and I too love shopping online! It is much easier and we can take all our time! Myntra is indeed a great place to shop!

  2. I can totally relate go you ‘re wanting to play with makeup or wearing mum’s lipsticks when I was young. Thanks for sharing tips about choosing right lipsticks.i used to love Mac lipsticks but currently loving Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipsticks. I really want to try Bobbi Brown next.

  3. This something interesting for me. I am not that much cosmetic lover person, but situation always force me. Never thought that i have to think this much before buying a lipstick.

  4. I always bought shades I liked without giving much thought to selecting a perfect lipstick shade. Its easy to order from Myntra as it offers a wide range of options to select from.

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