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Deal with depression before you regret it

 Deal with Depression before you regret it.

You wake up in the morning, check your social media and what do you see…Your school friend is getting married , your cousins are on a foreign vacation, your colleague has got an appraisal and what not.. So in short everyone’s life is perfect except yours…they show what they want to show and you compare your lives with them and many a times due to inferiority complex or low morale you may hit depression… Dealing with depression at the right time is so important before it gets massive and one may regret it.

So often in life things don’t go as we had planned. You might have dreamt of  getting admission in a certain University, or get a stable dream job,or any other unfulfilled dream can make you feel blue and that’s totally normal.

We all go through that and there is absolutely no exception here.

But prolonged stress can lead to depression and can drain your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to take the further steps.

And to cure anything one needs to first analyse whether it’s just normal stress/ anxiety or it has taken the form of depression…

Only then it will be possible to take the positive measures which you help you cope with it and eventually come out of it.

✒️The general causes of depression in most cases can be past incidents or uncertainties of the future.

Coping with depression
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?Dealing with past-

It’s only human to make mistakes and sometimes we tend to punish ourselves for our past mistakes for way too long.

You need to be kind to ourselves in such circumstances.

If you have wronged anyone ,it’s good to feel sorry and you need to apologise for your mistakes and break free from the shackles of the past which will only come when you accept it for what it is.

Yes,let it go and do not make it a part of your present by reliving it again and again.

Remember, Only with acceptance will healing begin.

?Anxiety for future-

We want to figure out everything right now…

That’s how human nature is by default.

We are hasty and we need to see the results of our toil immediately or we feel the need to figure out our future life too soon…

But that’s far from possible,no matter what you do it is not possible to decode some events and situations in our life as future is unseen and unpredictable and we have to wait till we understand why certain things had to happen.

So it’s great if one can learn to be positive by practicing gratitude in all conditions.

The best place to live is today …. so make your today as beautiful as possible while you strive for your dream life.

?Other than that some other underlying reasons for depression may be –

Physical Health problems,

Poor nutrition,

Stressful life events,

Grief and loss.

All these factors can be the reason of grief and anxiety but these symptoms of grief are expected to subside over time. But when symptoms get worse, grief may turn into depression and that’s when you need to start taking positive measures to deal with such situations.

?Symptoms of depression:

•Feeling lost and unhappy most of the times

•Anxiety and restlessness

•Lack of energy


•Blaming yourself continuously for all the wrong things happening to you.

•Feeling of worthlessness

These are some of the symptoms which might appear in most cases for a prolonged period of weeks or months.

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?I have pen down some easy ways to deal with stress and clinical depression below:

✔️ Reach out to friends and family:

Never feel ashamed to talk about your thoughts and situations to your closed ones be it your friends or family who will understand you and guide you at every step.

Be a part of social gatherings and activities .. it will definitely change your mood and outlook towards your situation.

✔️ Pursue your hobbies and passion:

Do more of what you love – be it painting,socialising, cooking or working out.

Keep yourself busy with productive activities.

Go out with friends or take a day trip to a the mountains, or the museum…

Helping others and volunteering in noble causes is one sure thing that will help you change your mood and give you inner peace and happiness.So engage in more good deeds by helping others solve their matters and deal with their issues.

This will also make you realise that your problems are so small compared to what others are dealing with and it will help you remain positive.

✔️ Exercise:

Exercising regularly will help you improve your energy levels.. exercise could be in any form- walking , gymnastics, power yoga, gymming ….

Pick any activity which you love to do and set a routine which you can easily stick to in your daily life.

✔️ Eating right:

Reduce your sugar and carb intakes and avoid sugar and junk foods as much as possible.

They definitely make you feel good temporarily but these “feel-good” foods lead to a crash in mood and energy immediately.

Your aim should be to cut down as much of these foods.

Eat right
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Avoid alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of addictions.

Eating healthy will help you maintain the right body weight which will eventually give you a positive self image and boost your morale.

✔️Professional help/Therapy:

Even after taking all these positive steps does not help you in dealing with persistent depression then you need to consult a professional therapist and you should not shy away from doing this.

If you ever start to feel that your life isn’t worth living or you get suicidal thoughts often ,get help straight away…

Take a talk therapy as it will definitely help you get rid of negative self-talk and forget those past memories that have been haunting you.


Staying positive in all circumstances is an art only few have mastered and if you ask me how to remain positive in worst situations.. I would suggest a remedy which is no more a Secret and that is Being grateful under all circumstances…

✒️Sounds hard? You will ask me, how can one be grateful in bad situations… it’s very simple-

?Count the blessings you have.?

So often our head is so clouded with so many negative thoughts that we forget to be grateful for all the blessings that we have been conferred upon.

So stay positive and take one step at a time …

Help others whenever you can and take care of your mind, body and soul?.

How true is that?

?What is the cure for depression?
We have to understand the cause of depression and then treat it with what God has prescribed. God has given us in the Qur’an what He calls, “A cure for what is in the hearts”. So read the Qur’an, read it during Ramadan and outside of it!
Dr.Bilal Philips


The content is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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  1. This article is very much informative, as nowadays most of the people are going through this, hope this article helps them to come out from their depression, actually one has to be strong enough to fight with this

  2. Life is a beautiful gift … and before your depression takeaways God’s biggest gift best to talk about it…you have written beautifully

  3. Sound advice you share here! Most of the times, help is available, all you need to do is ask. Accepting that you might be battling depression is the first step towards recovery.

  4. It’s ok not to be ok but all we have to do is open up and talk about it. We are only doing harm to our own selves if we do not talk about depression.

  5. I agree we need to deal with it before we regret. It doesn’t have to be medical support always. Sometimes speaking through and sharing your problems with someone you trust makes such a difference. Great post!

  6. Following the hobby really helps… Friends and family, definitely… But getting medical help at the right time is crucial! Informative post!

  7. Great that people especially bloggers have started talking about this much widespread condition than the common diseases. THanks for this informative posts I feel talking your heart out with family or friends and they giving a patient hearing to it can solve the problem.

  8. Post my father’s demise I hit my lowest. Depression followed soon. It crept in like a snake and stuck it’s fangs in me. It has taken me a year and half to come to terms with certain things and yet I still fight insomnia which comes as an aftereffect of the anxiety.

  9. Its very important to raise more & more awareness about depression, so that not only individuals who are going through it will become conscious but also family members should know bow to kend tbeir support. As many a times famlies are less than supportive

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