Expectations from Love in today’s generation

With the endless possibilities of finding love in this new age especially the generation which is dominantly ruled by social media and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and the likes… it’s not too hard to find love for most of them.

And after a few months of swiping when you actually find the right one, there is tend to be rush of fun and excitement and also comes with it a lot of expectations from this new relationship and your partner.

✔️There are some things one needs to keep in mind in terms of setting healthy expectations from your partner-

Yes, you are in love and yes you want to spend all the time together and do 100’s of things together but here’s the key.

▪️Avoid getting too clingy and instead learn to give your partner their personal space to divide between your family and friends than spending all the time with your new found love and killing the spark all together.

▪️Avoid comparisons.

Social media usually shows perfection and the best sides of a relationship It’s totally unfair and so unwise to compare your relationship to the highly controlled image others choose to reveal on social media.

▪️Having modest expectations is the key as it leaves room for wonderful surprises, and also lessens the chances for disappointments.


▪️It’s important to be realistic in a relationship and not build too much pressure for the other person to fit the image or expectations you have created in your head.

▶️ Check out this video which throws light on expectations and assumptions in a relationship.

While talking about relationships, let me share my favourite past time activity with you.

I love watching a romantic light-hearted serial in my free time and Zee Marathi has been airing some really interesting series and the best part being, you can watch all the shows on ZEE5 app according to your convenience

The latest addition being Tula Pahate Re is a Marathi romantic drama television show starring Subodh Bhave and Gayatri Datar which went on air on 30th August ‘18.

Marathi show

Do watch out for Subodh who is known for his magnetic personality and wonderful acting skills and the newbie Gayatri who is playing the character of Isha .. This show is already garnering a lot of attention and has been topping the charts already due to it’s interesting and Hatke storyline.

The lead actors belong to different worlds, they are from different backgrounds and two different decades, yes you heard it right.

Isha, a young woman and Vikram Saranjame, a businessman, find love and companionship in each other beyond the barrier of age.

This couple will prove that when two souls are meant for each other, they will find their way to meet, even if the two belong to two eras!


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15 thoughts on “Expectations from Love in today’s generation”

  1. Very well said..I am completely in sync with you..expectations eventually destroy the relationships..just keep loving and keep hopes..

  2. I agree with all your points. indeed, making comparisons is one of the most common things that create misunderstanding in the relationship. the series is looking really promising. will try to watch it.

  3. Tula pahata re is a well made show. My mum watches it and encapsulates age difference different thoughts and expectations from relationships really well. I’m. A huge fan of Subodh Bhave

  4. I truly believe half of our issues and problems are due to over expectations, you have brilliantly put up the subject. This looks like a nice show too.

  5. Looks like a great show. I am not knyto watching shows buy this one looks interesting. I like watching such topics. With surely watch this soon.

  6. This is some great piece of information for not only those who are looking for a new relationship but also for those who are already in relationship or married. Thanks for sharing x

  7. I have couple of friends who are still single as they expect too much. When the expectations are high and you are not ready to compromise, it gets difficult really! I love the quote that you should have hope instead of expectations.. things have more chances of working out then.

  8. Very beautifully written. I am surely gonna check this out.. the relationship tips are awesome and absolutely true , I completely agree with you.

  9. Sounds like the story based on realistic relationships. Would love to watch few episodes on Zee5

  10. Great post. It’s best to have hope and not expectations in every relationship. This post is valid for both married and unmarried couples.

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