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Guidelines that will keep you glowing this summer.

The weather of sun,sand and heading to the beach is just around the corner atleast for us Mumbai-ites, so here’s a blog especially curated keeping in mind 5 Beauty tips that will keep you glowing this summer.

Summer tips

In the hustle and bustle of your daily life we usually forget that the sun works aggressively against us in summers.

So it becomes important to go an extra mile to take care of your skin and hair and overall health to protect damage from strong sun rays which can make your hair and skin dry and rough and leave you dehydrated.

If you’re not sure where to start and how to take care of yourself the summer just get reading and we will tell you everything you need to know to shine this summer.

1. Time to invest in a good skincare regimen.

You don’t need to wait for your 30’s till you start your multistep skincare routine.

It is important for fresh and glowing skin.

Summer skin tips

Following a nice step by step skincare process can actually be very meditating and soothing for your Soul to just dedicate 10 minutes for yourself and your skin before you hit the bed.

2. Avoid using heating tools and go easy on your hair products too:

You might be tempted to use your hair dryers and other styling irons but always remember the scorching sun is enough to blast your hair with all the heat all day so it’s only better to avoid any other additional heat so keep your hair natural and free.

Heating tools

Try styling it with less harmful ways and check out some tutorials for new and easy hair styling ideas.

3. Sunscreen for your skin and hair:

It’s a must to apply for products /suncreenwith SPF on your skin and also your head before going out in the sun to keep it protected from sun damage.

It is not enough to just apply sunscreen once.

One needs to apply enough, and apply frequently.  

Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much as they need to.

Sun damage

If you’re out in the sun for long hours, you can also consider covering your hair with a silk scarf the old school way.

It actually prevents frizz and breakage and keeps your hair from sun damage.

Check out this blog which highlights the main causes of unclear skin.

4.Stay Hydrated:

If you’re facing any issues regarding your hair, your skin ,bloating or indigestion,

there is nothing for 10 to 12 class of water can’t fix.


This is one rule you can’t afford to break.

Keep your detox water & fluids handy on hot summer days and drink a lot of cool drinks to remain hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Special tip:

If you are into caffeinated beverages, you need to triple the amount of water you drink!

We highly recommend Plain and pure water!


5.Self care tips:

If you want to instantly lift your mood is nothing better than a high-energy workout.Honestly,there is a workout fitted for everyone that will suit your needs so it could be yoga, kick boxing,cardio.Take up whatever suits you to keep your skin glowing and keep you in shape because exercise releases endorphins which are the happy chemicals in your body you totally need.


Take a salon appointment for a new card colour or are many Peddie or soothing facial and indulge in a beauty treatment you love.

It definitely helps!!

You can go for vitamin D or C to give you the energy to get through a hectic day.

They are packed with benefits that not only make you feel energised and has nutritional value but also improves your skin, hair and nails.

Follow the simple steps and I’m sure they will give you the required push every now and then to feel confident and your happy self.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the 5 beauty tips for this summers.

Keep glowing this summers.


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  1. Great tips Saarah. I need to invest in sunscreen for my hair. I apply sunscreen on my skin every single day without fail. I totally agree with more water intake and a good skin routine.

  2. With summer in full force and mercury levels soaring, the skin faces the brunt of it. Sunscreen is, of course, a must and as you mention keeping oneself hydrated is equally important.

  3. Very practical and useful tips to stay glowing even in summers. A good sunscreen is a must, here in Delhi the temperature may rise up to 45 degrees and we need to apply sunscreen every 3 hrs.

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