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Safe and gentle baby wipes

Every mother wants the best for their baby. Being a first time mom, it was definitely hard for me to make choices for all my babies requirements considering the innumerable options in the market.

So be it diapers, clothing, food items or wipes I did a lot of study personally to see what suits my baby the best.

My find

Hygiene is extremely important when it comes to babies .. so it was hard for me to decide what suits my baby the best.

After a lot of trial and error, I came across Cuddables water baby wipes.

Baby wipes

Diaper rashes were one thing I was constantly struggling with thanks to my babies sensitive skin.

I finally found one which is fragrance free, chemical free as well as biodegradable.


Cuddables water baby wipes are a great pick for every child as it is also SLS , parabens and alcohol free.

For me ,the best part is it is fragrance free as there are little to no options available in fragrance free wipes.

Thick yet super soft

Fragrance free

We all know that  fragrances, chemicals, soaps and other harsh ingredients can cause a lot of irritation on your baby’s sensitive skin and can result in rashes or infections.

I was sure about one thing that I needed a fragrance free water-based formula, which cleans my little one’s hands, mouth and body with a gentle touch just like cotton and is absolutely safe for his sensitive skin

The market is full of wipes which have artificial fragrance which is totally unsafe for baby’s sensitive skin.

The problem with fragranced wipes is that one you don’t know what’s in it. Manufacturers usually don’t disclose fragrance ingredients, so they could be putting phthalates, neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters, allergens or irritants onto your baby’s sensitive skin.


So obviously you do not want to use them for your baby.

Cuddables is the perfect toxic chemical and fragrance free wipes which is best suited for baby’s sensitive skin which needs extra care.

So happy baby means happy mommy.

Water wipes

These wipes are made of 100% cotton and are free from plastic.

They are extremely soft as they are free from all harmful chemicals.

Cuddables wipes are pure and safe wipes and can be used to clean babies mouth, face, hands and bums.

As wipes are used several times throughout the day from changing nappies to cleaning after eating or drinking, it is so important for them to be pure and soft at the same time.

Texture and material

Water is the lightest and most efficient element that can be used for baby’s cleaning.

Cuddables are 100% biodegradable and are made from plant- based fabric making it a perfect choice for a newborns delicate skin.

Cuddables wipes are cotton (viscose) fabric which gives the baby a cottony touch.

They are basically made from plant pulp and it is organic and eco friendly.

And being biodegradable it is safe for the environment too so it is a complete win-win situation.

These wipes are 3 times thicker than your ordinary wipes making it so much more effective and reducing the usage. So there is definitely less wastage too.


Cuddables baby wipes come in resealable pack that helps retain the moisture and prevent drying of the wipes which usually happens when pack is exposed to air.

The packaging is very user friendly making it easy to remove the wipes from one hand while changing diapers and in case of blow outs.

Final verdict

Rather than using harsh baby wipes loaded with chemicals and artificial fragrances, I would definitely choose Cuddables which are safe, chemical free and gentle onmy baby’s skin.

These wipes gives the softest &touch feel just like a mother’s touch for the baby.

It is extremely affordable and easily available too.

You can shop for it from Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart and from their website and avail exciting offers and discounts on them too.

They are also available in small travel packs making it so handy and convenient.

Check out their Instagram handle for more details

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  2. the quality and packaging both look good in these pictures. so good to know that such good products are now available for young babies now which are not only health-friendly but environment friendly too

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