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In the lap of Nature and luxury

In the lap of Nature and Luxury…..

Here’s one resort in Nashik, that definitely offers and parallel combination of first-class experience of nature and luxury resort simultaneously

Grape county has successfully blended in ecosystem spanning across 150 acres adjacent to 5000 acres of pristine wilderness to create a beautiful state for humans and animals alike.

On my staycation to grape county I experienced finest eco-living with the best care for nature.

Travelling Travelling Nature

Talking about the rooms they have to offer:

Sky Room:

The suite sky rooms with lavish surroundings and modern amenities blew my mind . This was one unforgettable profound experience.

Premium sky room is a great county are totally in lighting and very cosy.

These rooms are equipped with modern amenities and are decorated in a sophisticated manner.


Premium forest tents:

These rooms are for those who absolutely love camping and can’t stay away from the beds to you get a rustic yet very refined experience amid lush green forest.


Superior forest tents for those who cannot sacrifice the comfort yet live in luxury and harmony with nature.

They also offer glass houses for one of a kind a home experience , two bedroom kitchen and living room, Lakeview stone house three bedroom farmhouses , courtyard farmhouse and Palm tree farm house.

All the rooms have a common amenities like air-conditioning, electronics , queen size bed, sit out balcony, lake facing room , tea and coffee maker.

Fun activities:

This place is perfect experience a local wildlife on a nature trail or to learn about how farming is done also exploring the place by cycling, walking or kayaking was just a splendid experience to remember.


There is too much you can do you here .

Not to forget, horse riding, bird watching,swimming and golf car ride are also some of the adventures and fun activities which you can indulge in.

Dinning experience:

It is difficult to find a resort that has it all and makes you stay super comfortable and take care of all your personal needs: grape county is definitely one of them are provided perfect meals through out my stay.

They offer a vast menu but delicious North Indian and Chinese food which The perfect authentic taste and spices so flavoursome I still recall the taste of the food check out the pictures for more.


In short, I had a top dining experience with perfectly made gourmet meals.

I would like to thank grape county personally on this medium for giving me a lifetime experience in this beautiful resort and I would recommend this place to all my readers so that you can too experience a beautiful stay and indulge in nature and luxury at the same time.

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17 thoughts on “In the lap of Nature and luxury”

  1. This resort has options for both – those who want a luxurious stay (sky room) and adventurous stay (tent). Very nice.

  2. Grape Country seems the perfect place to head to for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The location in the lap of nature is lovely and indeed a great place to wake up in. Great comfort and great food with excellent ambience make for a killer combo!

  3. Wow, this place looks heavenly. More than anything I am drooling over your food pictures. Everything looks so yummy.

  4. Everything looks amazing Sarah – I mean the stay, activities and delicious looking food – Umm I can’t wait to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The suites are so damn beautiful… But I would love to live in the forest tents! The surroundings, the flowers and everything! Love the place!

  6. The ambiance and amenities they are providing especially in the forest tent along with comfort food in the lap of Nature definitely make it a must visit

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