Integral part of Indian Households

A veteran in the Indian market, Maharaja Whiteline has now become an integral part of Indian households since 1976.

It has a very prominent market presence with the largest range in the industry across kitchen appliances, home comfort and garment care products too.

Maharaja Whiteline is an established leader in mixer grinder, juicer mixer grinder, food processor, ensuring comfort in many more segments.

Apart from this, the brand remains to be an approachable brand in the care network spreading across all the states of the country.

And it is one of the most popular SDA brands in a diverse country like India, continuing to revolutionize Indian homes for 40 years.

Their appliances are specifically designed to cater to Indian lifestyle with their own manufacturing unit in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh assuring to deliver standard quality products.

Trusting the reliability of this brand, I decided to try out the Maharaja Whiteline’s Juicer Mixer Grinder Odacio 500 Plus 3 Jars mainly used for perfect juicing and grinding.

It’s never been so easy to get my fresh glass of juice every morning with this mixer grinder that comes from Maharaja Whiteline.

• This juicer mixer grinder is equally appealing and very efficient.

• It has a powerful motor of 500W and a large feeding tube that easily gulps fruits and vegetables one by one, which makes it perfect for juicing.

• There are two versatile jars fitted with sharp blades that add to the efficacy of this machine, while the stainless steel juicer mesh doesn’t alter the taste of the extracted juice.

• It is also provided with an easy lock handle that keeps the lid and machine in place ensuring full safety every time.

MixerMixer grinder

 Why resort to a healthier regime with Maharaja Whiteline’s Odacio 500 Plus 3 Jar JMG Juicer Mixer Grinder?

It quickly prepares your recipes without any hassles.

It is Crafted in premium designs, these JMGs are not only efficient and very durable but also blend really well with your kitchen’s aesthetics.

MixerMixersgrinder set

Operating on the durable and powerful motor, these products ensure perfect results and versatility too through jars for liquidising, dry and wet grinding and chutney grinding.

You can utilise three different speed settings to obtain the desired results according to your needs.

The sturdy juicing mesh ensures great cooking experience in the kitchen.

??I am sharing below a very easy peasy quick recipe that can be made in this stylish and very effective mixer grinder.

Iced cold coffee


Coffee, Sugar, Ice cubes, Vanilla Icecream.


Put ice cubes in the jar of the blender and add coffee, sugar, milk ,cream and about 2 tablespoon ice cream. You can add some fresh cream for a thick creamy texture.

Blend it in the mixer then take some ice cubes and then pour it in glasses. Put a scoop of ice cream and topped with some Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Image source: recipes-timesofindia
Relish this recipe to beat the heat.

Orange juice:

It’s so convenient to make orange juice using the juicer.

Orange juice
Image source: Google search

Follow these simple steps and you are ready to go:

Wash and peel oranges.

Remove the white membrane and cut each orange to 2/3 pieces.

Remove the seeds with the help of a fork or knife.

Add them to a blender jar or juicer and strain it before pouring it in the glass.

Similarly, you can make many more fruit juices or mocktails using this juicer in no time.

With the durability for all grinding and 2 years warranty, you have all the reasons to try it out and experiment with some new healthy juices varieties to make your mornings more interesting and healthy.

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  1. The fact that , though the company is old and trusted, it has adopted the new age thinking by including a juicer alongside the usual grinders, is commendable.

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