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No pain and more gain

Ever calculated the amount of money we spend in salons for waxing? Ever thought of going for a laser instead which according to me is a shortcut way of hair removal with no pain and more gain?

Laser therapy Laser therapy at vlcc

VLCC Full Laser has drastically facilitated hair reduction and made the face skin softer and smoother than ever before.

They have a team of experienced and professional technicians will ensure you have a pain free experience.

On the other hand it is also great solution for couple of years and is also cheaper than Waxing.

They do offer a competitive pricing of just 49999* for 5 sessions for full body laser.

At VLCC, they aim to prioritise

safety, health and results.

Also, their state-of-art laser technology is FDA Approved and totally safe .

They opt for the patented ChillTip technology which is designed to protect the outer layer of the skin by decreasing the surface temperature, thus making the procedure highly comfortable.

Laser therapy at vlccVlccLaser machine at vlcc

Besides this, the ChillTip technology has a slight anesthetic effect which enhances the comfort level.

They have an expert team of trained and professional Laser technicians who make it a point to ensure that all safety cautions are duly followed and the experience is as comfortable and pain free as possible.

I am extremely happy with the results so far and I am so glad that I don’t need to go through the pain of waxing my face or upper lips anymore.

I can’t wait to complete the remaining of my sittings with VLCC for a hairfee and smooth face skin for years to come.


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13 thoughts on “No pain and more gain”

  1. Now that seems a permanent solution from those unwanted hair forever. The solution looks effective and friendly too. How many sittings does it takes?

  2. Vlcc is doing a fabulous job and didn’t know something like this is possible. Will share with my friend who constantly struggles with hair every month. Great!

  3. This is something I really want to try. Vlcc is doing great nowadays, thanks for sharing this info with us. Very detailed and nicely written.

  4. Going by your word even I will give it a try. I have used VLCC products and they are really nice and I have heard about VLCC sittings now from you, eager to try

  5. I really want to get laser done as well. It’s so much easier in the long run. I took bridal services from vlcc and will consider laser from them.

  6. That’s sounds Promising laser hair removal results from your experience. The offer they are giving for body laser is pocket friendly

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