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The brand Himalaya is now synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal products.They started off operations in Dehradun way back in the 1930s, the company later spread its wings to Mumbai and across the country.


With their expanding range of products and growth in international markets, Himalaya is one of the most popular and trusted names, you are bound to find in almost every household.

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Health & Wellness

Bella- Women Hygiene

Bella is one of the most trusted brands by women and its products are known in over 80 countries in the world for its highest quality and reliability.

Bella promotes healthy lifestyle and i am glad to be associated with this brand and ill talk about the few products i had received from bella recently…..

So I received:

Wet wipes; Intimate wash samples ;double sided cotton pads; Panty intima plus , Sanitary napkins ( softi and drai) , cotton buds.

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