Play to Earn


When you see the history you will witness one of the biggest talked about stories in cricket has always been on India vs Pakistan matches.

One of the main reasons being, not only in India and Pakistan but these matches create a lot of curiosity even abroad.

You must have witnessed a lot of matches between India and Pakistan being played in several countries all over the world.

With the advancement in technology Today, you don’t need to go to the stadium to witness the historic match …yes you heard it right you can just go online and play India vs Pakistan fantasy matches on Dream11.

Dream11 is a platform where you can play virtual cricket matches and select your dream team to play the match.

Your sports knowledge and skills will help you choose your team members of real players of cricket within a budget of 100 credits and then join a contest.

While watching the real match you can track your fantasy scorecard which is updated every 2 minutes. Continue reading “Play to Earn”