Ideal weekend staycation


I paid a visit this weekend to Imagica Khopoli’s Novotel hotel which is a scenic monsoon escapade and a perfect choice for an ideal weekend staycation.

Novotel Imagica

Novotel Imagica is located within close proximity to India’s premier theme parks of Imagica, Water Park and Snow Park.

It therefore is an ideal for family holidays and for those seeking to relax and rejuvenate away from the bustling city life.



It is Owned by the Adlabs Group and managed by AccorHotels, the hotel is easily accessible via the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Continue reading “Ideal weekend staycation”

Health & Wellness

Monsoon Wellness Tips

We all love monsoon and we wait for the rainy season after going through the scorching summers. The first downpour truly feels like a sigh of relief after the crazy hot summers.

Monsoon is definitely the best time to enjoy hot tea and pakoras, but this is also that time of the year when infectious diseases are on the ascent.

The cool downpour of the monsoon, brings with it negative health impacts along with it which we need to safeguard ourself from.

We are aware of a lot of health issues and infections that are brought about by monsoons and we ought to be very careful to protect ourselves from.

Below I have listed a few precautionary health measures which one can take to avoid any kind of health hazards/ infections and also mentioned some food changes that can be made for a healthier monsoon.

?Good health in Monsoon:

Drink a lot of water– It is very important to keep yourself hydrated in monsoons, just like any other month by consuming 8-10 glasses of water as water helps in dissolving fats and soluble fiber helping them to pass through smoothly and easily. Continue reading “Monsoon Wellness Tips”