Monsoon Blog Train

Fashionablefoodz and Prettylilthingss1 are happy to host the #themonsoonblogtrain 2018 Blogging Contest.

Your hosts, Uttpal Krushna (Foodietweeter) and Sarah T (prettylilthingss1) welcomes you humbly, to participate in this BlogTrain.

We would also want you all to check the rules and regulations carefully.

This will make it easy for you to participate and maximize the engagements you receive on your post from this blog train.

?Rules & Terms of the Blog Train:

Each Participant has to write a Blog post on their respective blogs.

Choose a topic of your choice for the blogpost considering the main topic of MONSOON.

It could be related to hair, beauty , skin , health , food items etc . With regards to the monsoon season.

▪️Select the date and topic and mention it in the thread on the group.

▪️It is mandatory to add this paragraph and post in your blogpost.

“This post is a part of The Monsoon Blog Train hosted by and and

should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger.

Fashionablefoodz and Prettylilthings are not responsible for any kind of Infringement caused.”

✔️You need to give a do follow link to both


And do not forget to use this #monsoonblogtrain and this creative ??.

▪️In the end you need to thank the previous blogger for the informative post and introduce the next blogger who is a part of the blog train after you.

▪️Publish your post on the selected date and share it our group and any social media platform of your choice.

▪️Remember to add your Blog post link at the bottom of this page to qualify for the blog train.

▪️Lastly, kindly engage on the posts of your fellow bloggers in the group and share it on any social media platform of your choice.

Let’s make this blogtrain a huge success.Happy Blogging?


Once you have published the post head to my page and add your posts link below??

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