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Choosing the correct spouse can be one of the most difficult yet important decisions of one’s life.

And when one is lucky enough to have found one, obviously marriage is the next step.

Especially, in Indian culture, we have learned about the value and sanctity of marriage right from childhood.

Keeping in mind all the customs, traditions and ancient practices marriages in India are performed with many rituals and utmost care.


And it’s not only about the customs and the traditions but it’s also about the emotions that are attached to this term right from the ancient days.

And, of course, it goes without saying that marriage is a celebration of love and commitment of the couple.

So when this anticipated moment, finally is about to come true it’s only obvious to want the best of everything, Right?

We all have visualized the perfect wedding, a perfect dress, dreamy decor, gorgons makeup, perfect hair-dos or jewelry at one stage or the other in our lives.

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Attending a close friend’s wedding made me realize the importance of all the customs and rituals connected with the wedding and not to forget, the oh-so-perfect detailing done with the help of the Wedmegood wedding planning app that comes for free.

Honestly, I never knew it could be this easy to discover thousands of vendors, so many amazing wedding venues close to me, professional make up artists and much more through the Wedmegood app or website.

I am totally in love with this App… It will inspire you to find all unique and creative ideas to make your wedding unforgettable and it’s also the best and simplest way to stay updated with all the industries latest trend too.

Be it finalizing wedding venues or bridal makeup or family makeup artist for that matter, It’s always a nightmare to find the correct vendors and artists at the right time and that too in your budget.

But through Wedmegood , I see a lot of options to choose from in your designated budget.

Who thought, such hectic work which requires days of efforts and planning can actually be done from the comfort of your homes through a few clicks on Wedmegood app and sipping a cup of coffee…

Sounds like a Dream, Right?


I have already downloaded the app and I am constantly looking up for latest trends and inspirations for wedding outfits and decor ideas for a while now.

Afterall, I don’t wish to go wrong with my fairy tale 4-day wedding ceremonies that I have planned for so long…

Why don’t you check out these 50+ bridal lehengas listed there that I have been totally crushing on… I am sure you are gonna love them too…






So get going and download the app and thank me later…

Until next time.

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14 thoughts on “Wed In Style”

  1. What a brilliant way to celebrate thr most beautiful day of one’s life. I so wish i had something like this when i got married 10 years ago.

  2. Its definitely nice to see how wedding planners ease the entire process. The link you shared has some wonderful designs for ladies. I will fwd to my friends who will find it very useful. 🙂

  3. Planning for a wedding is a huge task! Planner apps like these makes it easy for one to understand the new trends and to make their dream day perfect!

  4. The best day of one’s life celebrated in thecm8st memorable way. Wedding planners are doing a fabulous job and its great that everything can be tailored according to budget.

  5. I did not know there are wedding planning apps as well. So easy and affordable. I wish I knew something about it 8 years back when I was getting married. I can imagine how convenient things would have been then.

  6. Wedding planner apps like this makes its so special and memorable. Will surely pass about the app to my friends

  7. I wish WEDMEGOOD was available years ago when I got married. Whole process of marriage involves so many things from different customs and rituals to taking care of small things. Finding most things via a single app is so much easier now.

  8. This is such a great idea to find all vendors for various wedding related things at one place. It’s easy to compare prices and see wide options sitting at your own home.

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